TRIAD Contributes to “All Glammed Up” Event

Once a year, Dress for Success Columbus hosts a special sale of fashions generously donated to their agency that are not considered interview or workplace appropriate. Dress for Success is an international non-profit organization devoted to improving the well being of women. The mission at Dress for Success Columbus is to promote economic independence of disadvantaged women in Central Ohio by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to aid in their ability to thrive inside and outside workplace. TRIAD decided to get involved in this amazing cause by placing a drop box in our [...]

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Every October a familiar scene unfolds in marketing departments and ad agencies throughout the country. “Gosh darn it! This year we’re going to have ad budgets approved and media plans wrapped up by Thanksgiving…for sure!”  There’s always a determined shake of the fist or a slap on the desk to show resolve. But Turkey Day comes and goes, then the holiday season. All of a sudden it’s mid-January with no budget approval, no plan. Someone declares, “We really do need to have that advertising strategy meeting!”  Yeah, you do. Except that your main competitor already launched a new print campaign. [...]

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Why Be Shy?

You should be bold with your marketing tactics. We are not talking Billy Mays and yelling at the TV cameras. You also don’t have to say you have a sale ending Wednesday night, every week. Being bold or shameless doesn’t have to mean less tact — it means you are willing to market your company or product without holding back, all cards on the table, unabashedly. If you believe that you are the best at what you do or sell and you’re not afraid to say it, why not put it out there? Ultimately, isn’t that what every advertisement should [...]

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Who Doesn’t Like Free?

Ever hear the saying, “Nothing in Life is Free?” Well we don’t think that is true when it comes to media and PR initiatives. Free press is the golden cup, the thing we strive for… after all, doesn’t everyone like getting something free? The trick to getting free press starts with having something worthwhile to say, but it is how you present it that makes it magic! Here are just a few ways to persuade reporters and editors that your business, product or service is worth their time: 1) Press Releases – Generally a press release is used as a [...]

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Speak for Yourself … Better Yet, Have Your Customers Do it for You!

Testimonials can be a powerful tool for any business in a variety of marketing outlets. Brochures, television ads and radio spots all hit home with testimonials. Whether you’re launching a new product or revitalizing your company image, your potential customers will feel more comfortable knowing others in the same boat as them have had positive experiences. Testimonials can have considerable effect in making your target audience feel at ease. Here are a few things you should consider and include in a testimonial: 1) Make the placement of the testimonial noticeable. You don’t want it to get lost. 2) Use real-life [...]

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End of Year is Upon Us

Can you believe it is November? Where did the year go? November is the host of National Adoption Day, Veterans' Day and Thanksgiving followed by the famous day for shopping known as "Black Friday." November is also Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, National Novel Writing Month, Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, American Diabetes Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and the list goes on. There are just 8 weeks until Christmas. Have you started thinking about how you will wish your clients a happy holiday season? Whether you send custom cards, an interesting keepsake or a note that funds are being donated to [...]

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Ways to URLs and Landing Pages through Direct Mail

Whether you are looking for new customers, attempting to grow your association membership or running for political office – a landing page with information specific to your campaign, sales initiative, particular product or service can be a strong marketing tool. If you get your customers and prospects to access your landing page, you can capture more information about them, convince them to sign-up for a service, purchase a product or join in your efforts. Putting the URL to your landing page on a direct-mail piece, such as a postcard, is a great way to reach out and connect. You can [...]

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In Tune with Ohio

We all know there is some interesting stuff out there on the World Wide Web, some not appropriate for discussion. Just this week, I stumbled upon a Web site that puts facts and data throughout the 88 Ohio counties in tune with the 88 piano keys. Think someone has too much time on their hands? Possibly … but I also think it is creative genius at work, and that is why I can appreciate it. As a creative team, TRIAD is always looking for fresh ideas and new ways to present corporate information. Sometimes the material to be presented involves [...]

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Social Media Part 4: YouTube for Your Business

YouTube is more than videos of little kids being silly, bridal parties dancing down the aisle and dogs on skateboards. You may not have given it much thought, but YouTube can also be an extremely effective social  networking tool for your business. In March of 2009, YouTube had reached 100 million viewers. TRIAD has recently started using YouTube to link our video and audio productions to our blog to share with our readers. Now, the question is… what to post on YouTube for your company? Well, there's a wide range of topics. Presentations. If you're at a larger company, it's [...]

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Social Media Part 3: LinkedIn

Are You ‘Linked In’? By now you know of MySpace and Facebook. These are more of what you might call “personal” social networks, while LinkedIn can be a tool for “business” networking. Some people look at LinkedIn as just an online rolodex, but in a larger scheme it can be utilized as a personal contact management system. LinkedIn’s Facts Intended for professional networking, LinkedIn came about in 2003 and is one of the fastest-growing networking sites. As of May 2009, LinkedIn had more than 40-million registered users across nearly 200 industries, with more than 12-million unique visitors in June alone. [...]

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