A New Product in E4 Safety Professional’s Tool Belt

E4 Safety Professionals of Sunbury Ohio has been awarded a contract to be the North America Manufacturer Representative for The Original DSPA. The DSPA product is the most powerful handheld fire knockdown tool available in the world today. DSPA handheld knockdown tools are safe, non-toxic and very easy to use. No wonder fire fighters are already describing this new fire suppression technology as one of the most important tools in their toolbox. TRIAD is working with E4 Safety to produce sales sheets for distribution across the nation, flyers for distributors to use in sales efforts and on the new E4 [...]

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One-Stop-Shop for Multimedia Services

TRIAD provides clients with top-notch multimedia services that bring their message to life. No matter who your audience is we can work with you to develop a strategic plan and craft a message and delivery method that will produce results. Multimedia services advertisement as seen in Executive for Christ Magazine.

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Father and Sons’ Moment: No. 618

by Jerry Marks, TRIAD Editorial Director With summer in full swing I recently continued a father-son tradition by taking my sons to “The Science of Big Machines,” at the Center of Science & Industry (COSI) in downtown Columbus. TRIAD works extensively with the event co-sponsors the Ohio Contractors Association and the Ohio Operating Engineers. While this annual event allows children to climb onto the seat and behind the steering wheel, buttons and gearshifts of equipment used in construction, this year’s trip became Father and Sons’ Moment: No. 618. En route to and from COSI, we traveled along State Route 315 [...]

Running to Change Lives

Megan Nowak, TRIAD Publication Sales Representative, is raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization fighting against Neurofibromatosis. NF is a lifelong genetic disorder that can cause tumors to grow anywhere on or in the body, affecting 1:3,000 newborns. Tumors may develop in the brain or on the spinal cord, leading to learning disabilities in the majority of cases. Along side thousands of dedicated people she will be running towards a cure with the NF Endurance Team in the 2009 New York City Marathon. The NF Endurance Team is the largest fundraising arm of the foundation. Together, with fellow [...]

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Executive for Christ has Gone Live

TRIAD is pleased to announce the first edition for Executive for Christ magazine is now available online at http://www.uniflip.com/online-magazines/3/17096/30017/pub/index.html. With a targeted readership of 3.2 million, Executive for Christ reaches the top percentile of church, ministry and faith community leaders. To learn more about the Executive for Christ publication please visit www.executiveforchrist.com or contact Megan Nowak, TRIAD Advertising Sales Representative, at 800-288-7423.

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Remembering John Blair (1937-2009)

This past month, we were saddened to learn of the passing of longtime Team Fishel Teammate, John Blair. John recently retired from Team Fishel with an incredible 50 years of service. Through dedication and hard work, John set the standard of excellence for Team Fishel's customers and provided mentorship and inspiration to generations of their Teammates. John was an icon with Team Fishel, and his legacy of devotion will be unmatched. As Team Fishel President and CEO John Phillips once said, “John epitomizes everything about Team Fishel; our culture, our values, who we are, what we stand for… John’s the [...]

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Last Saturday, I witnessed a miracle.

by Cynthia Birchfield, TRIAD Account Executive There were no lepers cured or loaves multiplied. Just two angels and some of the most heavenly music ever written. Composer Marvin Hamlisch and singer Linder Eder were in town trying to raise The Columbus Symphony Orchestra from the dead, each donating their time to the patrons of Picnic with the Pops as a fundraiser. It is during these difficult times that the true spirit of America shines. Individuals with nothing to gain give their time and talent to help another. From superstar acts of kindness to the humble act of volunteering, we each [...]

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TRIAD Helps Associations Reinvigorate Their Publications

Starting a new magazine to reach your organization's members and supporters? Looking to re-invent your current publication and want a fresh design and layout? TRIAD can make it happen!  With over 20 years of experience working with associations and niche publications, TRIAD combines the association’s needs with our extensive publication knowledge and design talents to create publications that are original and professional. Whether it is a start-up magazine or a long standing publication, partner with TRIAD and get the results and personal attention your publication deserves.

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More for Your Money

How do you measure success when it comes to mass media? It seems much easier to track and measure the effectiveness of a direct response campaign, but what helps ensure success in traditional media? A large majority of marketing professionals would say it's all about numbers. Reach, frequency, readership, circulation numbers, etc, etc. However, what many fail to consider is the creative impact. No matter what your marketing budget is you should always consider the effectiveness of your and message and its delivery. An ad can be brilliantly creative but if it takes too many impressions to register with your [...]

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