TRIAD Heats Up Grilling Competition

Recently, TRIAD took part in the 5th Annual Grill Masters' Competition in Upper Arlington, Ohio. The annual contest is sponsored by Team Fishel's Marketing Director, Rick Keeler. With a total of 10 grills and more than 20 'Grill Masters,' the competition focused around this year's theme, "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Teams were asked to come up with their tastiest and most creative cheeseburger. Five judges were given the task of tasting the creations, as well as judging the creativity in presentation. The competition was stiff, as Tuscan burgers, breakfast burgers and Greek-inspired burgers were among the entries. TRIAD paid tribute to [...]

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Business and Fun Rolled into One

TRIAD's long time client The Ohio Contractors Association of Columbus, Ohio held the 15th Annual Put in Bay Round Up in early August. The event, attended by over 80 members from the Lima, Toledo and North Central Ohio Chapters, was a chance for those working in the heavy highway and utility industries to gather and get caught up with one another. Dave Keller, President of TRIAD, joined the festivities to be on-hand to provide coverage for the Ohio Contractor Magazine and to network and socialize with the OCA members.

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Productivity Consultant Becomes More Consistent

After Michael McVey painted the new Worthington, Ohio, offices for ClearView Management Resources, he began hanging hand drawn posters on the walls that contained the catch phrases he had developed over nearly 20 years as a consultant and human resources trainer, often using them as examples in his presentations to visitors. When his wife, Karen, began working on the marketing needs of the organization she looked into having the hand printed signs produced more professionally. With TRIAD in the process of developing a new brand identity and Web site for ClearView, it was natural to have us address the poster [...]

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Ruscilli Construction Company Receives Award from The Builders Exchange of Central Ohio

Ruscilli Construction Company was recently awarded the Builders Exchange Safety Achievement Award. To win the BX award, a company must be outstanding in their safety efforts and must prove this with statistical data, jobsite performance and OSHA history. “Winning a BX Safety Achievement Award continues to reinforce our company’s commitment to safety and our number one core value,” said Debbie Webb, Ruscilli Safety Officer. Ruscilli is a fourth-generation family business that has completed more than $5 billion in contracts. They are a general contractor/construction manager with experience in design/build and self-performing work. TRIAD congratulates Ruscilli on this award and is [...]

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2009 Justin Brittain Memorial Golf Open

For the past 5 years, the Justin Brittain Memorial Scholarship Foundation has held its annual JBM Golf Open. Kerry Kicos, advertising sales extraordinaire, has attended this event every year as a volunteer with only one exception, the Foo Fighters Concert circa 2008. This year’s golf open was held on July 18th at Weatherwax Golf Course in beautiful Middletown, Ohio. That Saturday proved to be a cold one for our golfers and volunteers.   However in 2009, the sign-in line and participation in the raffle was the best the Foundation has seen yet! The Justin Brittain Memorial Scholarship Foundation is a group [...]

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TRIAD Takes the Creativity Outdoors for a Cornhole Tournament

The First Annual TRIAD-Toss was held this July on the front lawn of the TRIAD Center. On Friday afternoons for four weeks, drivers traveling on County Line Road in Westerville saw the TRIAD Team play cornhole in a seven team, three bracket, single-elimination tournament. Two person teams paired up each week while the rest of the TRIAD associates looked on and enjoyed some time in the sun. The championship game was played between Cynthia Birchfield/Steve Johnston and Mimi Darwish/Eric Brown. Taking first place in the tournament were Cynthia and Steve, who received $100 gift cards to Hyde Park restaurants. Mimi [...]

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TRIAD President Remembers Recording a Jingle for The Ohio State Fair

With the excitement of the Ohio State Fair going on in Columbus recently I decided to dig into TRIAD’s archives and pull out one of the radio spots we did during the decade long run we had the Fair advertising account. This one has particular warm memories for me as I was there for the recording of the track in Nashville, Tennessee. I was 15 years old and my Dad, then the President of TRIAD, took me along to let me catch the audio/video fever and it certainly worked. While recording one of the many takes for the jingle, the [...]

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Private Aviation

There’s been plenty of bad news in private aviation in recent months. New business jet deliveries are down and production has scaled back nearly 30%. There is high inventory and few buyers in the pre-owned market. Private travel is way down – 25 to 45% over last year. Then of course there’s all the negative publicity about the excesses of private air travel. Darn those GM guys for choosing the wrong mode of travel to Capitol Hill. Maybe they should have driven their cars. The business climate is difficult these days and the economy has taken its toll on business [...]

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Opportunities from this Economy

Increase your advertising and marketing In an unhealthy economic environment, it is well-documented that one of the healthiest things businesses can do is increase advertising. Consider these findings: McGraw-Hill Research analyzed 600 businesses during the severe recession of the early ‘80s. The results were illuminating. Businesses that maintained or increased their advertising during the 1981-1982 recession averaged significantly higher sales growth than the businesses that did not. By 1985, the companies that were aggressive advertisers during the recession had increased sales by an average of 256 percent. ABP/Meldrum & Fewsmith’s study of the recession of 1970 found “sales and profits [...]

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Many Assisted Living Facilities Missing the Boat but TRIAD can Help

By Steve Johnston, TRIAD Writer and Business Coach I am deeply concerned about the care provided to our older citizens. Partly from having cared for both my parents and in laws, and part from my experience having previously owned and operated a firm that provided in-home care for seniors. Owning a homecare company provided me with a solid understanding of the eldercare market, and the interplay between families, their loved ones, and the management of the process. It is this intimate knowledge and insight that I bring to TRIAD’s marketing services. The growing need for senior housing and care is [...]

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