The Artist Within

There's a good chance if you show up at the TRIAD office before or after hours, you'll find Joe Anastasi putting the finishing touches on a series of paintings. As Creative Director for accounts like Flight Options, Joe has always used his fine arts talent to add a certain artistic flair when developing advertising and marketing campaigns. But this project is not about the private jet flyer. As a matter of fact, this project is about the impoverished part of our society. As Past President of the St. Agatha Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Columbus, Ohio, Joe has been [...]

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Social Media for Building Your Business

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Hulu, Digg, YouTube – the list goes on forever. What are they, what do they do? Welcome to the world of Social Media. Marketers believe Social Media is no longer a fad and it's here to stay. In the next few weeks, we will be taking a look at the various social networking Web sites and how you can use these sites to help build not only your business but also your brand. Be sure to check back in the next few Fridays for more in-depth articles on using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to grow [...]

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Sutphen Corporation: Firefighting innovations that make a difference, save lives.

Everyone is familiar with the symbols of the fire protection industry – those marvelous fire trucks, the iconic fireman’s helmet and the firehouse on the corner. But most folks never see the innovative technologies developed for the fire service by a relatively small group of highly skilled manufacturers. TRIAD’s client, the Sutphen Corporation, is one of those manufacturers. A family-owned company located in Dublin, Ohio, they build phenomenal fire trucks that have set the industry standard since 1890. Throughout its history, Sutphen has created product innovations that make a demonstrable difference. They pioneered the use of Alcoa Corporation’s patented HuckBolt® [...]

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3 ‘Rs’ of Driving Are Becoming Reading, Writing, Wrecking

With students going back to school it is common to see public service announcements for driving safely in residential areas and school zones. But it appears that reading, texting and wrecking seems to be replacing the back-to-school vernacular of reading, writing and arithmetic. Late August and early September not only marks the time students return to the classroom, but also TRIAD’s advertising, editorial and art departments preparing WorkForce, which is the yearly special issue of Ohio Contractor magazine. Along with OC magazine’s regular subscribers, WorkForce is circulated at high school/college Constructor For A Day events that are sponsored by the [...]

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Promoting Careers in Construction

As school begins so does the season for The Ohio Highway Guy. This  award winning program involves David Finley, The Ohio Highway Guy,  traveling around the state to spread the good word about highway  construction careers.  TRIAD designed the truck graphics, created the interactive web site, promoted  the program with ads, direct mailers a trade show booth and provided  six DVD videos that The Highway Guy uses to teach the students. This effort is addressing the Workforce needs of the construction industry in a positive and fun way. Due to the on-going success and the promotion of the program, [...]

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TRIAD Travels for Team Fishel

For over 30 years, TRIAD has continued to serve the communications needs for Team Fishel, which specializes in nationwide utility construction and network installation. This past month, the TRIAD Video Production crew was on the road for Fishel. Video Producer Bob Dawson traveled from Virginia to Florida to capture footage for three Team Fishel video projects. In Manassas, Va., Bob photographed and videotaped Team Fishel's Fiberlight Metro Ethernet Project for this November's year-end video, "High-Performance Teammates." This marks the 23rd consecutive year TRIAD has produced a year-end video for Team Fishel. In Tampa, Fla., Bob interviewed and captured footage for [...]

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Chicago Just a Hop Skip and a Jump Away

By Janine Robinson, Vice President of Creative Services I am so excited to be continually working with our client, The Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates of Chicago. They are such a great group of people and are really fun to work with. Chicago is less than an hour away by plane from Columbus, making the travel west quick and easy. A few weeks ago I traveled there for a visit, along with Dave Keller, TRIAD President. Our main reason for the trip was to attend the Publications Committee meeting and help the committee plot out the Fall Issue of Construction [...]

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Fundraising Goal Has Been Reached, Let’s Keep Going!

Megan Nowak, TRIAD Publication Sales Representative, has been raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization fighting against Neurofibromatosis. Along side thousands of dedicated people she will be running towards a cure with the NF Endurance Team in the 2009 New York City Marathon. NF is a lifelong genetic disorder that can cause tumors to grow anywhere on or in the body, affecting 1:3,000 newborns. Tumors may develop in the brain or on the spinal cord, leading to learning disabilities in the majority of cases. With two months left until the marathon Megan and fellow racer and friend Delphine [...]

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TRIAD Produces TV Spot for Ohio Northern

Recently, TRIAD helped spotlight Ohio Northern University on SportsTime Ohio with a 30-second TV spot. The spot aired in August during STO’s OAC football preview featuring ONU. We are also producing additional TV spots to air during STO’s fall broadcast of the ONU vs. Baldwin-Wallace football game. TRIAD is always excited to help promote Ohio Northern University with video. We are currently in production of a video celebrating the 125th anniversary of ONU’s Raabe College of Pharmacy; a video highlighting ONU’s James F. Dicke College of Business Administration; and our annual video celebrating this year’s inductees of the ONU Athletic [...]

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Keeping Up-to-Date

We understand it’s hard to keep up-to-date on all of the current news. With the latest reports and studies constantly changing, it’s tough to find the time to continually stay abreast on all of the media content. That’s why TRIAD offers personalized research services to help you do just that! We send out daily news summaries to Build Indiana Council and Indiana Construction Association; and twice a week we send out news summaries to the Ohio Construction Information Association. The information we provide in the daily news summaries can be an essential piece to running your association. The service we [...]

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