Advertising 2011…Are you overwhelmed yet? Part 2

In my last blog I talked about the overwhelming choices available in today’s advertising world and how making the right choices for small businesses can be difficult. Along with the choices, there is an ocean of misinformation that complicates the advertising equation. A few examples… Your daughter just got home from college and tells you that no one reads newspapers, and yet there are still millions of newspaper subscribers. Your hair stylist told you that only the youth are tuned in to social media, yet women over fifty-five are the fastest growing segment of Facebook. At the family reunion, Uncle [...]

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Clearer Vision, After I Sobered Up

I recently took a trip to Napa Valley to tour the wineries. While the distance from Sonoma to Calistogo is only 20 miles, you have more than 500 wineries to choose from. As always, life is full of choices and while I would have loved to visit each one, I had neither the time nor the physical ability to consume in those quantities. Tours and stops were selected with consideration to the different regions, the winery size and their processes. This got me thinking. The valley and its vast differences in winery experience is a great reflection on the small, [...]

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Thanksgiving 2010…Parting Thoughts

Most Thanksgiving anecdotes, nostalgia and recollections happen before the big day. They are part of our family traditions and fuel our anticipation of Turkey Day and the upcoming holiday season. This year I’d like to offer a slightly different perspective. With Black Friday done and gone, and Cyber Monday burning up the web, take a moment to reflect on Thanksgiving five days past. Think about family and friends, and everything you’ve enjoyed together – this year and in years gone by. Think about how work gives us a reason to start each day with best foot forward. Think about the [...]

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TRIAD Produces Video Honoring OSU Legend Jack Tatum

As The Ohio State Buckeyes prepare to battle 'That School Up North' this Saturday, TRIAD helped to honor one of their all-time great defensive backs - the late Jack Tatum. Last night, the Central Ohio Diabetes Association honored the former Buckeye at their annual 'Celebrities for Diabetes' event. Tatum was a strong supporter of diabetes awareness and 'Celebrities for Diabetes'. The event, held at Columbus' Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, featured another OSU great - Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George - who gave his tribute to the late Buckeye and Oakland Raider. Additional reflections of Jack Tatum were highlighted at the event [...]

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Maintaining RELEVANCE in E-mail Marketing – Tecstone Granite rocks!

One of the biggest challenges facing e-mail marketers is to deliver relevant content on a consistent basis. With In-boxes overflowing and only seconds available to win an “Open” decision, the e-mail sender can’t afford to disappoint. Irrelevant or stale content assures instant death - a “delete” or, even worse, an opt-out. Perhaps the most important key to e-mail relevance – and to a long, healthy e-mail marketing life – is to really understand what’s important to the target audience. What information do they crave? What do they want to see? In other words, what floats their boat? TRIAD client Tecstone [...]

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Texting while Driving is on the Rise!

On my way to work this past August, I was stopped at an intersection in Dublin, Ohio, and was approached by a bike patrol officer to put my window down. The officer handed me an educational brochure about distracted driving, which focused on cell phone use. The brochure is part of Dublin’s new campaign to reduce the number of traffic accidents by educating drivers about the effects of distracted driving. After reading the brochure, I decided to do my own research on the effects of texting while driving. I was shocked to discover that just last year, 5,474 people died [...]

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TRIAD Video Vault, Edition #2

It's time for another edition of the ‘TRIAD Video Vault’, where each month, we dig into the depths of our massive video library and pull out some classic television commercials or video productions. For over 30 years, TRIAD has been producing quality television, radio and video productions for hundreds of clients. Today, we venture back to 1987 and peek in on Freedom Federal Savings and Loan. TRIAD produced several radio and TV ads for the Savings and Loan, including this 30-second TV spot. As you will see, this commercial is filled with images of patriotism and financial dreams coming true. [...]

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Power of the Mo 2010

So this Movember thing is upon us once again. At first I thought it was completely a lark – the men of America rising up en masse and declaring “No Shaving” for a month… just because we can. How wrong I was! Each year, the month of November officially joins forces with the “Mo” – Australian slang for moustache – and becomes Movember. To quote the official web site, “Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st clean-shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire [...]

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ADVERTISING 2011…Are you overwhelmed yet?

Major corporations spend more on marketing research in a day than most small businesses spend in a year on advertising. This piece on advertising is for small business owners who make advertising decisions themselves or who may have a small marketing department on staff. If you were to ask most business owners what has changed about advertising in the last twenty years, most would say the internet. I disagree. I would say the biggest change in advertising in the last twenty years is “CHOICE”. Small business advertisements have been found from 4000 BC in the form of art on rocks. [...]

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Animal Krackers!

TRIAD graphic designers Eric Brown and Danielle Neil love all things cute, funny and cuddly.  So they make weekly visits to Cute Overload and YouTube in search of a good laugh.  And because we can all use a dose of the cute and cuddly, they’ve compiled their Top 5 (for this week anyway) Funniest Animal Videos.  Have a look at their faves…and take a moment for a good laugh! 5.  This pup isn’t so sure about this escalator business. 4.  Possibly the cutest kitty anyone has ever seen and maybe the best mimic as well! 3.  This little [...]

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