Night of the Pumpkin Carver

Every year I look forward to carving pumpkins and every year I look to outdo what I had carved the year before. This year was no different. It began around the end of September, when those wonderful orange vegetables started showing up in front of all the grocery stores. Since I can wander around pumpkin patches for hours, I chose to head to Giant Eagle to pick my carving volunteer/victim. This year’s design was a zombie-fied bunny rabbit. I find rabbits in general to be almost sinister little animals, with their small beady eyes, big front teeth and constant chewing. [...]

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TRIAD Video Vault – Edition #1

Welcome to our first edition of the 'TRIAD Video Vault', where each month, we dig into the depths of our massive video library and pull out some classic television commercials or video productions. For over 30 years, TRIAD has been producing quality television, radio and video productions for hundreds of clients. Today's feature is a 1986 television commercial we produced for Columbus-based auto dealer, Len Immke. This 30-second ad features TRIAD's founder, Ken Keller. Ken's performance in this spot is particularly impressive, as he somehow altered the molecular structure of his body and shrunk himself down to a foot-tall. Kudos [...]

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Out of the Darkness Community Walk Raises $52,000 for Suicide Prevention

TRIAD Inc. Team Member walks to help the cause. 10.10.10 wasn't just a fun date on the calendar but also the 5th annual Out of the Darkness walk in Columbus. TRIAD graphic designer, Danielle Neil and her team participated in the local event for the second year in a row. An unusually hot day in October brought over 700 participants and some of their dogs to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) at Fred Beekman Park on The Ohio State University Campus. Before the walk, participants selected Honor Beads to wear symbolizing their reason for walking - losing [...]

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It was a beautiful fall football Saturday and a few TRIAD associates were testing their culinary skills at the 6th Annual Grill Masters' Challenge. Rick Keeler of Team Fishel, one of TRIAD's most favorite clients, began this grill-off competition with just a few neighbors and friends six years ago.  Last month marked a new high in participation where 12 competitive teams went spatula to spatula to try to win this year's Soul Chicken themed event.  After the street was blocked off and all grills and tents were rolled in, the party started. Bob and Kerrie Dawson along with Dave [...]

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Selling with e-mail

When using e-mail to contact your prospective client, PERSONALIZE the subject line when you can. If another client gave you the lead, use their name in the subject. Example: “Joe Higgins asked me to contact you,” instead of “Super sale this week” which usually goes to a spam folder. Get to know the gatekeeper when you can and your subject can read: “Maureen asked me to pass this on to you.” Another way to get attention is personalized information for the company you are trying to sell. Send them a link to a website, an article that you read, or [...]

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Multiply Your Offers and Multiply Your Sales

Too often an ad doesn’t get the expected results and all the wrong reasons are blamed. It could be you are targeting the wrong audience. It could be the timing of your offer. It could be the headline. It could be one million things!!!! But there is a good chance that it was the offers, or should I say OFFER. Example— An oil change ad only appeals to about 17 percent of the public at the particular time that the campaign is going on. MULTIPLY your offer with a tire special, brake special and general safety check and your ad [...]

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FREE Online Creative Classes from creativeLIVE

Yes, there are still a few things worthwhile in life that are free, and creativeLive is one of them for the creative types out there. Commercial photographer Chase Jarvis created an online learning resource for photographers and other creatives. creativeLIVE offers free, live classes on your computer. Photography, filmmaking, painting and software education are just a few of the topics covered in the courses. You also have access to all previous classes in the archive, but if you don't watch during the live presentation there is a fee to download those courses. The creativeLIVE website has a full calendar of [...]

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Word of Mouth Works!

TRIAD is excited to partner with the Illinois Mechanical and Specialty Contractors Association (IMSCA) to sell the advertising space in the association’s quarterly publication, Substance. With a distribution of 2,000, the primary purpose of Substance is to aid in the advancement of the construction industry through the works of IMSCA. To learn more about the Substance publication visit or contact Megan Nowak, TRIAD Advertising Sales representative, at 800-288-7423. TRIAD was recommended to IMSCA by another Illinois client, the Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates of Chicago, for which we publish its quarterly magazine Construction Connection. The fact that our clients [...]