Advertising 2011…Are you overwhelmed yet? Part 2

In my last blog I talked about the overwhelming choices available in today’s advertising world and how making the right choices for small businesses can be difficult. Along with the choices, there is an ocean of misinformation that complicates the advertising equation. A few examples… Your daughter just got home from college and tells you that no one reads newspapers, and yet there are still millions of newspaper subscribers. Your hair stylist told you that only the youth are tuned in to social media, yet women over fifty-five are the fastest growing segment of Facebook. At the family reunion, Uncle [...]

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Clearer Vision, After I Sobered Up

I recently took a trip to Napa Valley to tour the wineries. While the distance from Sonoma to Calistogo is only 20 miles, you have more than 500 wineries to choose from. As always, life is full of choices and while I would have loved to visit each one, I had neither the time nor the physical ability to consume in those quantities. Tours and stops were selected with consideration to the different regions, the winery size and their processes. This got me thinking. The valley and its vast differences in winery experience is a great reflection on the small, [...]

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