TriAd Video Vault, Edition #4

In this edition of the TriAd Video Vault, we take you back to 1978, when indoor tennis was a sport apparently played by cigar-munching men who gawked at women, wore dress socks with tennis shoes, and played the sport really, really bad. We produced this TV spot for the old Columbus Indoor Tennis Club that used to exist on Joyce Avenue. We found the spot to be a bit politically incorrect, and slightly longer than it should be. And the tag line at the end... well, that's for you to interpret.

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9/11: Healing Through Remembrance

“We were all just going to work.” The same quiet understatement echoed by millions on any given day. But spoken by Leatrice Guttentag against the historical backdrop of September 11, 2011…they resonate powerfully across the nation and deep within each of us. For her, that day started as clear, sunny…and totally average. Within minutes, it changed an entire country forever. Lee was at work on the 80th floor of World Trade Center Tower 1, the first tower to be hit. Generally, anyone above the 80th floor was considered to be 'trapped' in the tower, as the plane cut through all [...]

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Helping Team Fishel Stand Out from the Trade Show Crowd

TriAd Marketing & Media helped Team Fishel design and create a new trade show display that’s adaptable for shows in multiple industries. Featuring a large back panel with several “skins” and also several roll-up graphics, these display pieces can be used in various combinations to best target each show’s attendees. Along with visual appeal, versatility was the name of the game for this display. And with production completed, the eye-catching graphics, next-best-to-being-there photography and multiple display possibilities combined to make Team Fishel’s booth a powerhouse.  Team Fishel provides underground utility construction services for the telecom, gas, electric and broadband fiber [...]

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Extreme Makeover Columbus moving full speed ahead!

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition Columbus build started the new week with P& D Builders moving full speed ahead. This is truly 24/7 work at its best. Saturday’s Tyvek-covered walls progressed rapidly to brickwork, windows, and handsome exterior trim. This is now a home with personality and outstanding curb appeal. Meanwhile, hundreds of tradesmen have been working indoors with drywall, flooring, and plumbing and electrical – everything needed to make a brand new house a real home. Precise planning and perfect execution…P&D Builders Ltd. really knows their way around the house!   P & D Builders | P [...]

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New Digs going up Fast …A lot can happen in 24 Hours!

If you visited the Extreme Makeover Home Edition site in Columbus this past weekend, words like “amazing”, “awesome” or even “impossible” came to mind. Except that it’s all for real and the pictures tell the tale. P&D Builders demolished the old house Friday afternoon leveling it to the ground. By late Saturday evening, the outside walls, interior framing and roof trusses were nearly complete for a brand new two-story home. Impossible? No way. Phenomenal? Absolutely! The next few days are going to be fun. Stay tuned!                     [...]

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The House is Down!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition tore down the Rhodes house today and sent them on a dream vacation to San Diego. The site will be open to the public tomorrow, but for today we have radio, television and newspaper coverage from the media tent. Everyone is getting set up for the four-day build, 4 hours into it and 102 to go. A 940 square foot house down, and now 3800 square feet to build.

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Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to Columbus!

P&D Builders of Delaware Ohio has agreed to take on the one week challenge of a complete tear down and build of a new house for a local deserving family.  TriAd was asked to help create media buzz about the upcoming build and yesterday (July 20) was the big announcement with Columbus Mayor Coleman.  A pep rally is scheduled for July 28th at Grace Brethren Church and the "Door Knock" day is to be August 4th. P&D Builders are teaming up with the American Red Cross for a blood drive and Mid Ohio Food Bank for a food drive to [...]

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Balloons for Bea! (And for dad too)

There are few events in person’s life that warrant a project like this one. Let’s call it a congratulatory prank or perhaps … a delightful deed. I hesitate to call it a prank because this deed was truly celebratory, committed out of happiness for a fellow employee who had been bestowed with the honor of fatherhood for the first time. It was the Monday morning after “Little Bea” was born that the art department also gave birth to an idea, though considerably less messy and with a lot less screaming. A brief conversation, a couple of quick glances and an [...]

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TriAd Video Vault, Edition #3

It’s time for another edition of the ‘TriAd Video Vault’, where we dig into the depths of our massive video library and pull out some classic television commercials or video productions. For over 30 years, TriAd has been producing quality television, radio and video productions for hundreds of clients. We present you with portions of four classic TV spots, all produced by TriAd in the 1970's and 1980's. In the first spot, our founder Ken Keller is proud to announce his ability to check his bank account balance while buying a pound of bologna. In the next spot, a little [...]

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HD Video: Next Best Thing to Being There

TriAd expands video capabilities with HD. Whether you're celebrating a corporate anniversary, showcasing a new product, or creating a training presentation, High Definition video adds excitement and helps you tell a compelling story. TriAd President Dave Keller explains the benefits of HD video technology and how it brings your message to life for your customers. Learn more about TriAd Marketing & Media HD video capabilities and put this exceptional technology to work for your company.

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