TriAd and Team Fishel…40 years and still going strong!

In this blog series celebrating TriAd’s 40th Anniversary, we will be highlighting a few of our valued clients. Friends actually. For if it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t do the things we love to do. To all our clients who entrust their marketing and media projects to us, thank you so very much. It seems fitting to start with Team Fishel, or the Fishel Co. as they were called 40 years ago when our relationship began. As a matter of fact, Jeff Keeler, Past Chairman of Team Fishel, hired our company founder Ken Keller for a few advertising assignments a [...]

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What about Bob?

What is it about Bob? I can't quite place what it is about that guy. I don't think we ever made a conscious decision that Bob would be the target of numerous pranks, jokes and every day ass-hattery… it just kind of happened. In our defense, more often than not, he almost does it to himself. A couple opportunities were just too good to pass up or were such huge milestones that we could in no way resist acting upon them. Bob getting detained by the Ohio State Highway patrol during a TriAd video shoot obviously warranted a WANTED poster. [...]

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TriAd Marketing & Media Celebrates our 40th Anniversary

TriAd Marketing & Media celebrates our 40th Anniversary (and The Godfather’s) this year! And because we aren’t a shy group of people we will be building up the hype … one week at a time, for 40 weeks, until our anniversary on October 1, 2012. A lot has changed in the marketing communications industry since 1972. While TriAd has its eyes fixed squarely on the future, here’s a quick glance over our shoulder. When TriAd was in its infancy, print advertising was in its heyday. Magazines were plump with ads for cars and liquor. And yes, there were still tobacco [...]

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