TriAd Chili Bowl Wrap Up

Oh how time flies. It's hard to believe we have already completed the 2nd annual TriAd Chili Bowl, held last Friday at the beautiful TriAd Hallway Lanes. This year, besides dividing into teams, cooking up some tasty chili, and hurling a lopsided plastic ball towards colorful pins, we stepped it up a notch by making CELEBRITY chili recipes. On deck were the recipes of Walt Disney, Johnny Cash, Gene Autry, Zac Brown, and President Barack Obama. And what's even better than celebrity chili? Teams dressing up as their chosen celebrities! Everyone showed up in fine style, and with some hilarious [...]

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Video Media – from film to flash drives

Enjoy a short history of video formats and production over the last 40 years of TriAd, hosted by our very own Bob Dawson & Dave Keller. click here to link to Youtube

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TriAd Bowling Team Dubs Itself ‘Scared Splitless’; Participates in Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Rock ’N Bowl!

The Development Board of Nationwide Children’s Hospital recently held its annual Rock ‘N Bowl at the Columbus Square Bowling Palace. TriAd’s team, Scared Splitless, came out in support of Janine Robinson, TriAd’s vice president of creative services, as she co-chaired this year’s event. While there may not be much to brag about when it comes to our bowling skills, we do know how be creative and have a good time! Props go out to Eric Brown for his mad skills on our shirt design and Bob Dawson for bowling the team’s highest score. We had a lot of [...]

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What’s in a name?

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." As Shakespeare points out so eloquently, a name doesn’t define you entirely. But it sure helps identify who you are or where you come from. And as you may have seen in Week 2 of this Forty4Forty series, TriAd Marketing & Media has had some transformations in both name and logo over the past 40 years. So how did we get here from there? Imagine a time and place where the Secretary of State was responsible for making sure every single business [...]

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