Call it karma, or just dumb, ironic luck.

I spent 17 years – if you count kindergarten, when I remember sitting crisscross apple sauce (then known as Indian) style on a piece of carpet somewhere between story, snack and rest time – avoiding the front row of classrooms. I now find myself at conferences throughout the eastern U.S. sitting in one of the front two rows of large seminar rooms. I’m the one usually with no one around for five rows; the one with a mini-recorder, notepad and camera in hand(s). Me, myself and I are sitting with back straight and eyes looking forward at the podium. I’m [...]

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Education in Advertising

One of the things we love the most about marketing and advertising is having the privilege to learn each client’s business and the industry in which they work. In this video Ken Keller describes his most interesting client-project educational opportunity. Today, just as in 1976, one of the many things that sets TriAd apart is our commitment to learning and truly understanding your business so that we can help you effectively communicate your message. Watch our video on YouTube

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The Website – in two scenes

Scene 1 – The First Day It was spring 2011, I had just gotten a job at TriAd Marketing & Media in small town Westerville, Ohio and it was my first day. The birds were chirping and effulgent rays of sun were shining off the tips of my newly polished shoes. Everything was right with the world as I sauntered up to the doors at 371 County Line Road West and pushed my way inside. I had just sat down, and was assessing my surroundings when they arrived … Michael Dubs: art director, Eric Brown: lead artist and Dave Keller: [...]

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Next Future LLC the Unleashing

Next Future LLC. Marketing Materials and Trade Show Booth A new company is, in the eyes of TriAd's team of artists and strategists, a blank slate or a newly opened white canvas. The opportunity to unleash our creativity and explore something new is truly exciting for us. The creation of a brand, with new products and new ideas, goes far beyond simply designing a logo or writing a tagline; it must instill confidence of the promise made to the customers of that company, and of course, as if our artists would have it any other way, must look clean, consistent, [...]

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Inspired Publications

Traditional, Conventional, Standard – these are not words heard in the halls of TriAd. You are more likely to hear – Creative, Inspired, Custom. TriAd stands out from other marketing firms and advertising agencies because of our wealth of capabilities and services. (It’s not just because of our crazy Creative talents.) Starting in 1986 with one publication, Ohio Contractor magazine, our Publications Department was born. More than 15 trade-related titles across seven states later, we have honed our skills to suit the individual needs of each of our clients. Producing meaningful publications that get our client’s messages in front of their [...]

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