TriAd’s 40 Years of Fame

Since its founding, TriAd has been fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment, music and sports. Our quality and professionalism make us an easy fit for major players in any industry. TriAd founder Ken Keller started working with celebrities from the very beginning. In 1976, Ken directed NBA and Boston Celtics legend John Havlicek in a TV commercial for “Hondo’s” celebrity sports game, “Best of Seven.” Those early years also saw Ken and TriAd working with theatrical and film actor Robert Alda; distinguished American composer Aaron Copland; the NFL Cleveland Brown's Ozzie Newsome; and [...]

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What is the Web?

A couple of months ago I was visiting my grandparents in South Carolina. Both of them are over the 90-year mark, and despite living extremely full lives, neither have ever used a computer. It was during one of the silent moments in my visit, when Nanny was asleep that Grandpa decided to ask me, “So what do you do?” I tried to put my job as a Web Design & Development Specialist in perspective, “I make websites, they’re kind of like advertisements on the computer.” “How do the ads get on the computer?” Grandpa asked. “Is it some kind of [...]

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Client Involvement: the key to great creative!

Every now and then we cross paths with a truly exceptional client, one who understands the power of creativity and participates enthusiastically in the collaboration process, one who is a pleasure to work with every day. The result is creative work at its finest! TriAd has enjoyed this kind of relationship with Main St. Group, a printing, packaging and promotional solutions company. In fact, we’ve had the pleasure of working on their brand development twice, in 2006 and today. It’s been a great partnership all the way. When we first connected, Main St. wanted to enhance their brand identity. The [...]

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Valued Vendors

Are you a vendor? Do you have vendors? Most likely the answer is yes to both. Most companies have clients they service and suppliers they count on for support. As a marketing and media firm, TriAd understands all too well that the success of our clients hinges on the strength of our vendor relationships. Our vendors play a critical role in our efforts to provide high quality products and services that satisfy our clients’ needs. At TriAd we see our vendors as more than service or material providers. They are our preferred partners and true collaborators. We value their experience [...]

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