TriAd takes second at the Grill Masters Challenge

Amidst clouds of smoke, raging gaggles of offspring and roaring flames Team TriAd (Tri-Tip-a-licious) emerged victorious from the eighth annual Grill Masters Challenge. A vicious octuplet of opposing grill masters from the Columbus vicinity battled it out with three teams emerging victorious. This year's meat de jour: Brazilian Churrascaria. The contest took place on Sunday, May27th, and grilling was rated on a degree of difficulty, technique and taste. Team TriAd submitted a traditional Ecuadorian style rump roast, grilled over coal & maple, sliced thin and served with a Chimichurri sauce. The humble, yet delectable offering prepared by Elliott [...]

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TriAd and P&D Builders win Building Industry Association MAME Award

Every now and then in the agency business, you get the opportunity to do something really cool. And when that “something” exceeds expectations it becomes very special indeed. That’s how it felt recently for TriAd and our client, P&D Builders of Delaware, Ohio, as we jointly accepted the award for Exceptional Digital Media Campaign from the Building Industry Association of Central Ohio (BIA). The project evolved from a simple idea. As the local Builder for the ABC network’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Columbus, P&D asked TriAd to create a video chronicle of the project. We stayed on-site [...]

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TriAd’s Janine Robinson a “Forty Under 40” Honoree for 2012

Columbus Business First rolled out the red carpet this week for its “Forty Under 40” Class of 2012. The annual award recognizes some of Columbus’s best and brightest, a dynamic group of young people serving in business, professions, government and the arts. With great delight, all of us at TriAd congratulate our own Janine Robinson, VP of Creative Services, as one of this year’s honorees. The 2012 Awards Program was held May 23 at the Columbus Athenaeum and a gala event it was. Tasty food and drink, great camaraderie and a well-produced program – everything you would expect. And all [...]

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Celebrating U.S. Small Business for a Half Century

It’s upon us once again. From May 20-26, America celebrates National Small Business Week 2012. In truth, it is one of those annual events that I’ve never thought about very much. Seems like a good year to learn more, so.... A quick Google search revealed myriad events held throughout the country – conferences, networking opportunities, seminars, webinars and more. All celebrate small business as an institution and all are designed to empower the thousands of small businesses that keep America on the move.  The biggie is the weeklong National Small Business Week Conference held in Washington D.C.  Hosted by the [...]

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Happy Spike Day!

I am Spike… and I got what I wanted. Listen, it wasn't personal. The mischievous goings-on this past week were really just to create an awareness about how awesome I am and who the real creative force behind this agency is. Yes, I might have gotten a little spray paint happy on the blog, but having to clean it up gave Dave a little bit of exercise. And taking over the TriAd website was just a test, to keep that web designer on his toes. Admittedly, taking The BlogFather hostage and posting that video might have gone a bit too [...]

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A message from the BlogFather

Friends, family, I'm writing to you in regards to the brazen act that occurred yesterday to our respected blog. As BlogFather, I do not take kindly to this sort of vandalism and promise you that measures have been taken to ensure that it may never happen again. While I do not see this as an act of war upon me, and going to the mattresses at this point is not necessary, favors have been called in to the right people and the individual responsible will be brought before me and dealt with. Sincerely yours, The BlogFather  

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I Am Spike!

Trust me, if you were stuck in a tiny cage with Dave as your only companion you'd be a little peeved too. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the crickets he brings me, which I'm sure he does out of fear, but he's not much for conversation or a prowl about the office. No more! Dave was gone last Friday so I busted out and am ready to cause trouble. And I'm starting with you BlogFather! You think you're so awesome with your blogs and Corleone typefaces. We know who the Coppola is here! But my handiwork on the blog [...]

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Partnering with Pride

For more than 10 years, TriAd Marketing & Media has partnered with the Central Ohio Diabetes Association (CODA) to promote its mission of diabetes awareness and prevention. Through videos, television spots and radio PSAs, TriAd has contributed to the success of this longtime organization. It all began with a television spot promoting CODA's “Swim For Diabetes” event – one of which featured former Columbus Crew soccer star Brian McBride. From that beginning, TriAd promoted the “Swim” and other events through radio and TV public service announcements featuring celebrities such as CBS Sports' Clark Kellogg and two-time Heisman trophy winner Archie [...]

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Publication Sales Increase by 40%!

Do you have, or want, a custom publication for your organization or association? Our in-house advertising sales staff dials for dollars on behalf of our publication clients every day. Tell us about your audience, point us in the right direction and we are off. It can be that easy. Our sales associate, Mark Wolf, has been able to launch Ohio Asphalt magazine, the official publication for Flexible Pavements of Ohio, into a new realm. Sales revenue for this client were up more than 40% in 2011 verses 2010, and he is primed to shatter that record in 2012. Overall our [...]

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