Public Relations – Advocating for Important Issues

Even though TriAd began as purely an advertising agency, through the years we have added public relations, marketing, publishing, video production, digital and web services to our bailiwick.  Today, I would like to highlight a little of our PR history. In an industry characterized by constant change, we’ve found that some public relations issues keep coming back around. In the 1990s and into the 2000s, much like today, many individual states could not count on the federal government to properly fund the care and maintenance of our highway and bridge system.  Many construction projects that would relieve congestion or make [...]

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The Reading Recovery Council of North America

  One of the benefits of working at TriAd is the opportunity to work with a wide range of incredible businesses and organizations. Learning about the intricacies that make them work and becoming involved in their goals offers constant fulfillment and reward. One of those great organizations is the Reading Recovery Council of North America. For almost 30 years RRCNA has been helping children learn to read by providing short-term intervention programs to reach children at critical developmental stages, and ensure that they maintain a proper reading level. And for the last 10 of those years TriAd has been a [...]

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Home Sweet Home

We wandered the desert for forty years until we found our current home at 371 County Line Rd. W, Westerville. Okay is wasn’t the desert, it was Busch Boulevard and to be accurate is was 33 years. TriAd started in 1972 as a traditional advertising agency just off Busch Boulevard when The Continent was happening and the French Market (yes, I did just say that???) was hopping. We grew in many ways through the years. Our services morphed, always adjusting to the needs of clients, technology and changing times. Which is why in 2005 we found ourselves dreaming of a [...]

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A not-so-long time ago, at an agency not-so far away …

A not-so-long time ago, at an agency not-so far away … was a battle. However, this was not fought with X-wings, TIE Fighters, clone armies or Death Stars; but rather with small white balls, colorful putters and creative minds. As it has become known across the galaxy, this was the first annual TriAd PUTT WARS. Granted by the Galactic Empire, each member of the TriAd staff was given one hour to assemble their putt-putt hole as simple or complex as they chose. PVC pipe, dumbbells, water hazards, a giant AP Stylebook, plexiglass, Bob-roaches, reused magazines, old VHS tapes and a lot of [...]

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