TriAd Toss 2012

Once a year, the TriAd team members leave their desks and gather on the front lawn of 371 County Line Rd. West to partake in a spectacle of skill, music and revelry. I am of course referring to the TriAd Toss, our cook out/corn hole/Bob playing the keyboard event. And ... as we have recently learned, also the birthday of our office mascot, Spike the Lizard. This year's grill food was the ever popular hamburger, which has been by-passed in recent years for the more elongated hot dog or bratwurst. Accompanying the burgers was a delightful corn hole themed cake, created [...]

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TriAd and OCA – Collaborating Successfully for nearly 30 Years

Most ad agency clients market products or services of some sort – cereal, booze, mobile phones or retirement planning. All are very cool in their own way. In comparison, association marketing has an entirely different complexion. As an agency serving association clients, you find yourself developing communication programs that support membership and advocate for an industry. The issues are challenging, often in the public interest, and always invigorating. TriAd has been privileged to work with the Ohio Contractors Association for the past 26 years, nearly three decades of teamwork and effective collaboration.  Throughout that time we have provided all kinds [...]

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For the Love of Adobe

It's no secret that we love the Adobe Creative Suite here at TriAd. For us, it is the absolute best way to get things done quickly and effectively for our clients. This love affair began quite a while ago. I remember it like it was yesterday... It was crisp October morning in 1990. Birds were chirping, autumn leaves offered brilliant shades of orange and red, and the awesome program that is Photoshop 1.0 had been presented to the design world in all its glory. That's probably not at all how it really happened, but in my head that’s what I [...]

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Office Cribs

A little insight on me – Eric Brown, TriAd Graphic Artist … Somewhere along the line I started bringing stuff to work to put in my office, which I commonly refer to as “my room” and it just hasn’t stopped. I'm pretty sure it started with just a poster or two, but that soon became a downward spiral of movie posters, toys, LEGOs and an assortment of odd characters that keep me company. I have a life-size Marvin the Martian and a talking Darth Vader mask on the door to welcome visitors, a light saber, a 6-foot tall tower made [...]

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