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There is an old saying that’s familiar to all of us.  It goes something like, “Just when you thought you had all the answers, they changed the questions.”  It’s an adage that rings truer than ever in today’s social media world.  Social media sites continue evolving at a frenetic pace with new tools and applications that promise a fuller, richer experience.  And those tools spark new ideas among social media users – ideas for engaging with family, friends, colleagues and customers in more meaningful ways.  For the company or individual trying to build a productive social media marketing program, it’s [...]

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Designing the Success of ‘Future’ Products

For the past few years, TriAd has been on the ground floor of three very exciting consumer products that are hitting the market nationwide. Jim Kennedy, our longtime client and founder of Twenty First Century Communications, recently started the new product-development company known as 'Next Future'. Almost immediately, TriAd was called in to help market three of the company's newest consumer products: LinenLOCK, Soapsleeve, and the Cleanicator. Our graphic artists created appealing in-store product packaging for LinenLOCK and the Cleanicator, which are currently being considered for nationwide placement in Bed, Bath & Beyond. Our writers worked with our designers to [...]

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TriAd revisits The Station and attends the 2012 FTBA Annual Convention

(Jerry Marks and Crystal Vance of TriAd’s Publications staff were in attendance at the recent 2012 FTBA Annual Convention on behalf of Florida Transportation Builder magazine. Here are some of their thoughts from the road.) Opulence describes TriAd’s most-recent “assignment.” Having the opportunity to cover our clients’ annual meetings, conventions and conferences is one of the benefits of what we do. The latest on-site work was at the famed Breakers in Palm Beach, Fla., for the Florida Transportation Builders’ Association (FTBA). While some people think “on remote” is paid time-off, it is anything but. I’m being serious; even though I’m [...]

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The Fair and The Fire Preventin’ Bear

The Fair and The Fire Preventin' Bear: Brought to you by Bob Dawson, TriAd Video Producer For the last 4 years, I have volunteered my voice for a good cause - a cause involving a 14-foot bear who wears blue jeans and talks to kids about preventing forest fires. In 2008, my good friend Paul Hammock convinced me to volunteer in the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' 'Smokey Bear' exhibit at the Ohio State Fair. I thought I would be interacting with people, encouraging them to talk to the giant, animatronic bear. But Paul quickly informed me that I would [...]

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