Chief Marketer/Penton 2012 Social Media Survey

Social Media Marketing – Step Out Boldly and Explore! Chief Marketer/Penton Media recently published their 2012 Social Marketing Survey.  Titled “Lots of Choices, Lots of Trials”, the annual study provides a wealth of information about marketers’ use of the major social media platforms.  And while the survey polled both B2C and B2B marketers across a broad range of industry segments, insights into the social media mindset of B2B marketers are particularly interesting.  Here are some highlights. Who is marketing through Social Media? 76% of respondents said their brands were “already conducting some level of marketing within social media.” 16% of [...]

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Best Internet Marketing Techniques – A Case Study

Does online advertising work? What options are out there and what is the best return for your investment? More and more the internet is becoming a primary marketing tool for many businesses, and those who have not yet taken the plunge are starting to get left behind. Most businesses accept the fact that without an online presence it's hard to stay afloat, but with all the choices out there it's easy to end up treading water, and instead of gaining more customers you can end up drowning in Tweets and Facebook posts that never seem to produce results. To help [...]

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A Wealth of Thankfulness

It is often at this point of the year that we spend time thinking about, and expressing, the things we are thankful for.  Actually many people across our social networks are doing a day-by-day, 30 Days of Thankful on Facebook. Next week the turkey will be passed and little kids, and big kids, alike will announce their joys. We at TriAd Marketing & Media want to share ours as well. We are thankful for our many, many blessings … our families, our homes, our country, and an amazing company and creative team who make every day exciting, and never dull. [...]

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“Knowledge is Power. Moustache is King.”

Well, November is here and, once again, the Movember & Sons movement is alive and well at TriAd.  In fact, it just might be better than ever.  In Movembers past, several of us participated casually by giving the beard free reign, trying a goatee or actually grooming a moustache.  But in 2012, we’ve added some muscle.  This year we have a real team – the Sons of Moustachery! Check us out! For those unaware, during November of each year Movember & Sons is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the US and [...]

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