Merry Christmas to one and all!

With the first snowfall upon us and Christmas very near, it’s the perfect time for a holiday greeting. So from all of us at TriAd to each of you, May you greet each day with the wonder of a child. May the joy of the season fill your heart and embrace your spirit. And may peace and tranquility be yours for all days. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

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Eric’s Holiday Inspiration

‘Twas hours before this season's Big Day, When the Blogfather came in with something to say. "An awesome blog you now must write, And this time allow no scares, fears or fright. ‘Tis the holiday season, so make it cheerful and bright, And if you must be sure to stay up all night." “On the condition that it’s relevant to our industry and trade,” Was the petition TriAd's art director Michael Dubs had made. What inspires me and gets my artistic motor running, Comes often from artists whose work I find stunning. But it’s movies that most inspire my creative [...]

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Dodge ’em Dave – Online Game of the Year!

TriAd Game Studios | Release Date: Dec. 9th, 2012 Overall Ranking: AWESOME!!! based on 35 reviews Summary: The fearless TriAd leader Dodge 'em Dave takes to the skies in order to save Christmas and put a stop to the evil Lizard, Spike. This side scrolling, action-adventure game features fast paced, heart pounding thrills. Atop his jet powered sleigh, Dave braves hordes of helicopter powered crickets, rocket attacks and even faces off with the true face of evil, Spike the Lizard, a cruel, soulless creature who is bent on destroying the joy of Christmas. Get points for dropping presents in the [...]

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$100 Free Google Ads Coupon

To receive a $100 coupon code for Google AdWords please email with your name, company and a quick note (about anything, I just want to know who you are). The coupon does require at least $25 be spent before it can be redeemed. Google Ads (AdWords) is the best way to promote your business through online advertising. Google targets and engages users like never before, to reach the people who are looking for you, when they are looking for you. Unlike most advertisers who rely on brute force and repetition, Google identifies what users are looking for, then immediately shows [...]

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Calendar Season! ‘Tis here again!

Long about midsummer or early fall, clients begin thinking about their company calendar for the next year.  This year was no exception and TriAd has enjoyed a full plate of 2013 calendar design projects for the past few months.  And now that all have been printed and delivered, it’s a great time for a few moments of reflection. To put it simply, there’s just something very special about calendars.  Despite the unrelenting bombardment of digital formats for desktop, laptop and mobile phone, the traditional printed calendar retains its popularity.  For companies, the annual calendar is an opportunity to present their [...]

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Counting the Final Days & Pages of 2012

Entering the final month of the year it seems like countdowns and numbers become important to a lot of us: grade school students and the Tiny Tim Cratchits among us are counting the days until Christmas vacation; family members and the Bob Cratchits are counting the days preparing for family and friends to arrive for the holidays; and administrators are doing their “Ebenezer Scrooge number crunching” to see if quotas will be met by the time we turn the calendar. Well, the TriAd magazine staff is continuing to work feverishly in producing our final publications for 2012. (Thank you boss [...]

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