Happy Easter to All!

Chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Eggs and jelly beans in a rainbow of colors assure that Easter is here once again!  Always coinciding with early Spring, this very special holiday makes us think of sunshine, new growth and many warmer days ahead.  It is truly a delightful time of year!  Happy Easter to all!  

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TriAd Honored with Telly Awards

This year, TriAd was recognized for outstanding achievements in video production with the receipt of two Telly Awards. The Telly Awards is a national competition to honor the finest in film, video, web and television productions. More than 12,000 entries are received annually from all 50 states and 5 continents, with past winners such as NBC Universal, ESPN International, Microsoft and The Walt Disney Company. TriAd's first statuette was awarded in the Internet/Online Video - Documentary category, for '9/11: Healing Through Remembrance'. This riveting video, from TriAd producer Bob Dawson, follows the story of Leatrice Guttentag, a former [...]

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Chili Bowl 2013 – Ultimate Edition

It's been a month, but we have finally recovered from the excitement of TriAd's 3rd Annual Chili Bowl! And once again, Chili Bowl commissioner Bob Dawson set up some crazy, complex rules that sent shockwaves throughout TriAd's creative community... This year, we split up into 6 teams of 2, and were assigned one of 3 main ingredients: beef, chicken and turkey. Each team had to not only make an insanely delicious chili with one of said ingredients, but ALSO had to model their team - in some way - around that ingredient. TriAd's legendary creativity was cut loose, and teams [...]

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