TriAd Sizzles at GrillMasters’ Challenge

TriAd was once again honored to participate in the annual GrillMasters' Challenge in Upper Arlington, OH. Run by esteemed Commissioner Richard Keeler, the GMC was hot with competition this year, and TriAd spared no expense or culinary skills in creating the tastiest of grilled perfections! On call were TriAd chefs Bob Dawson, Mike Shaw, and their respective wives Kerrie and Terri (rhymes!). Using the official TriAd Grill - a Weber One Touch Silver - the Team cooked up some delicious 'Bacon Bourbon Burgers', complete with Jim Beam and brown sugar, as well as spicy pepper jack cheese and crispy bacon. [...]

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Yahoo!, Tumblr, Social Media and…Us

Well, there was big news in the social media world last week.  Super web portal and search engine Yahoo! acquired micro-blogging and social networking website Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion. The purchase made me think of some other big changes in the social media landscape – Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the rapid rise of web start-up Pinterest and, a bit further back, Google’s purchase of YouTube.  It gave me pause. We are clearly enchanted by social media.  The technology is powerful.  The promise of instant connection with family, friends, business and services is irresistible.  What’s not to like?  And [...]

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Rolling with Mickey D – Advertising at its Very Best

Every once in a while you come across a really great advertising campaign, the kind that simply knocks your socks off.  It happened to me the other day while traveling the I-270 beltway around Columbus.  A hefty semi-truck rolled past and settled in just ahead and one lane over.  Part of McDonald’s familiar red delivery fleet, the truck graphics featured the award-winning “Quality in Motion” campaign. The rear doors featured a mouth-watering photo of Mickey D’s golden French fries bursting from the signature red carton.  Large size, of course!  Above the photo, two words:  No Passing.  It was an irresistible [...]

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