Website Strategies – Smart Home Page Design

We’re often asked about adding more “call-out” boxes on the home page with hyperlinks to inside pages.  “You know, like all the icons displayed on my smart phone!  One click gets you anywhere!”  Yes, a home page can be set up that way.  But it’s usually not a great idea.  Here’s why. 1)      Your website isn’t a mobile phone.  It is a different experience entirely.  We use our phones for communicating instantly and gathering information on the run – making a quick call, scanning e-mail, sending a text, sharing on Facebook, composing a Tweet or sharing an Instagram.  In comparison, [...]

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TriAd launches New Website for OCIA

TriAd launched a brand new website last week for the Ohio Construction Information Association (OCIA).  Although we design and develop many websites, this one is noteworthy.  In addition to being visually attractive and easy to navigate, the new OCIA website is a storehouse loaded with timely information for anyone interested in Ohio’s transportation infrastructure. The OCIA has always been a reference source for municipalities, legislators, the news media, and Ohio citizens – virtually anyone concerned about maintaining and improving our highways, roads and bridges.  Every page of the new website supports that mission.  Visitors will find basic facts about the [...]

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