Erwin Ephron – Media Giant

Erwin Ephron I’d like to take a few moments to honor the passing of a media giant.  His name was Erwin Ephron and, for more than forty years, he gave us some of the clearest thinking about media strategy that I have ever seen.  Mr. Ephron was an insightful researcher and a brilliant media theorist.  He had a gift for simplifying tangled media issues and presenting them in an understandable way, always with delightful wit and unassailable logic.  Just as important, he was able to bridge the gap between media theory and practical application in ways that made [...]

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Instagram to introduce Advertising – Smart Idea!

There was big news from Instagram last week. The photo-sharing application announced in its company blog that users will soon be seeing an occasional ad in their Instagram feeds. The transition to advertising will be gradual because, as the blog acknowledges, “Seeing photos and videos from brands you don’t follow will be new, so we’ll start slow.” I’m thinking the introduction of advertising is a smart move. Instagram wants to build a sustainable business. And with more than150 million users, the potential audience is large enough for advertisers to take a serious look. Offering advertising opportunities is a smart business [...]

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