6 Must Have WordPress SEO Plugins

You've built a website and now have a presence online, what’s next? Well, building a presence online is only good if people can find you. That means it’s time to focus on a couple things, advertising your website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an integral part of how people will find your website. It’s also one of the best ways to improve your brand presence online and help create more organic traffic and customers to your website. WordPress out of the box is already quite good for SEO, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. The following [...]

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Brand Marketing on Twitter (and a few tips to make it work for you)

There are always lots of opinions floating around on Twitter. Many have become familiar, such as, “Without followers, you’re Tweeting to an empty room” or “People Tweet about useless stuff.” Most of those comments come from folks who simply don’t favor Twitter as a useful social media platform and they’re certainly entitled to their opinion. But the truth is that Twitter’s network is huge and major brands have embraced it in a big way. A research brief published this week by MediaPost Communications cites some huge numbers reported in the Quarterly Twitter Network Study compiled by Simply Measured. The Twitter [...]

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Happy Thansgiving

Thanksgiving is here once again, kicking off the holiday season with magnificent dinners of roasted, smoked, rotisserie or even deep-fried turkey and all the trimmings! The Macy’s Parade, great football games and the treasured company of family and friends make it a special day beloved by all. As you enjoy this traditional holiday, take a few moments to remember the things in life that truly mean the most. Be thankful for your loved ones, cherished friendships, good health, meaningful employment and this wonderful country that we all call home. Then go and enjoy another slice of pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving [...]

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Moodle Review

Moodle is a free, open source Learning Management System used by educators to provide online courses or training. We put together a quick guide for businesses, schools and developers who are looking through the options and trying to find the best LMS for them. This Moodle review is geared towards site operators who would be building the courses, not necessarily the students and end users. Pros It's free! Open Source, so you can edit the software to meet any needs. Fairly good documentation. Robust online forum and support community. Well known by programmers. It's fairly easy to find a coder [...]

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TriAd is the Best Place to Work. But we that work here already know that. So let us fill you in on why …

For the second year in a row TriAd Marketing & Media was selected by Columbus Business First as one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work in the Micro Company category (12-24 employees). Employees at nearly 200 Central Ohio companies were surveyed and asked 40 questions regarding: Teamwork Trust in Coworkers and Senior Leaders Individual Contribution Manager Effectiveness Work Engagement Benefits The results were tallied and TriAd landed in the 2nd place slot. If you’ve seen any of our blog or Facebook posts before today, you probably already know why we’ve earned this distinction. But let us remind you [...]

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5 Great WordPress Sliders

When you go to a website what’s the first thing you see? If that website has an animated slider (or slideshow) on their homepage, the answer to that question more often than not will be the slider. Sliders are a great way to highlight content, publicize important news, share cool photos and videos, or showoff new products and services in a way that immediately grabs the user’s attention. There are a wide variety of slider plugins available on WordPress, both free and premium. Finding the slider that fits your sites needs best can take some time and research. Most sliders [...]

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‘Klowning’ Around with Pumpkins

“There was these things, these killer clowns, and they shot popcorn at us! We barely got away!”  This isn’t Killer Klowns From Outer Space and there aren’t really alien clowns out to get anyone, as far as we know, except for the one in my apartment affectionately named ‘Shorty’. He isn’t here to turn us all into cotton candy to be eaten by other clowns, he just wanted a sweet pumpkin with his face carved into it. However, Shorty was a little put off that he wasn’t invited to TriAd’s first annual BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party, he therefore [...]

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WordPress for Beginners – An Overview of the WordPress Admin Section

Wordpress is an incredibly powerful tool and is very easy to work with. But like any technology it can be difficult to grasp. This short guide on Wordpress for Beginners will help break through that initial boundary of learning your way around the Wordpress admin section. Logging in To access the WordPress Admin site, you’ll first need to log in to your WordPress site. You can get to the login page (see figure 1) by adding /wp-admin to the end of your sites URL in your browser window (example: http://YourSite.com/wp-admin). Once you’ve logged into your site you’ll be in the [...]

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Trick ‘r Treat

by Eric BrownWhen you step into my office here at TriAd, it becomes readily apparent that I love scary movies. It could be the giant Hellraiser poster next to my desk or the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Creature from the Black Lagoon posters on the opposite walls, the Nightmare on Elm Street toys, or the various Halloween decorations that Dave graciously allows me to leave up year round. Now that October and Halloween are in full swing, my little world has become consumed with watching scary movies. There are numerous movies that I keep in very heavy rotation during this [...]

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