Chili Bowl 2014…it gets better every year!

Another year, another VERY successful TriAd Chili Bowl! This time around, besides some unbelievably tasty chili and some unbelievably terrible bowling, we decided that 'team presentation' would be paramount for the ultimate prize of champion. After some humiliating and scientifically-baffling bowling scores, each Team presented their chili concoction to official judge Mike Todd. But in the judge's chambers this year was something new - a VIDEO CAMERA. Each presentation was not only simulcast live to the rest of the nail-biting participants; it was also recorded for posterity and/or blackmail. While each team gave a great performance, it was 'BJ Chili' [...]

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Re-branding Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter – Exciting Times!

Sometimes we are asked to be a part of a company’s re-branding (or branding for that matter) from the ground up. And oh what an exciting time that is! We just love when we can put TriAd’s collective smarts in concept, strategy, design, writing and execution to work as a team. In the fall of 2013, Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter came to TriAd with a specific need … to help them with their advertising re-branding. We jumped in with both feet, digging into what message they wanted to share with each unique target segment of their business. From corporations [...]

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TriAD rocks at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Rock ‘N Bowl 2014

Rock 'n' Bowl 2014 Even though she is no longer chair of the Development Board for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital annual Rock ‘N Bowl, Janine Robinson, TriAd’s VP of Creative Services, still lends her time to the event and drags TriAd along with her. Janine is dedicated to giving back to our community, and shares that dedication with our Team, opening opportunities for us to put our creative talents to use for our community! Along with our team “Scared Splitless” bowling in the event, we again donated the creative talents of our very own Eric Brown, TriAd graphic artist and mad t-shirt designer. [...]

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