Video playing bigger role for B2B Marketers!

  Came across a new research study indicating that video now plays a bigger – and increasingly more effective – role in the marketing mix for B2B companies. The numbers are convincing!  The benchmark report, published by Ascend2, found that 85% of executives surveyed rate video marketing as “Very Successful” or “Somewhat Successful” in achieving important company objectives. As to what those important objectives are, the scales tip heavily in favor of brand awareness, online engagement, customer education and lead generation. Respondents also indicated that Customer Testimonials, Tutorials and Demonstrations provided the most effective video content. All of this confirms [...]

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Email still a power player in marketing lineup!

Earlier this month, the Direct Marketing News reported on email’s position in the marketing landscape. Their article, Why Marketers Should Keep Sending Emails, presents trends and statistics from a variety of industry sources that affirm email’s strength as a marketing tool. Here are a few examples: 22,500,453,020 emails are sent every hour. (MarketingProfs) The volume of email marketing rose by 15.5% in Q1 2015 compared to Q1 2014 (Experian Marketing Services) 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, compared to less than 20% about three years ago (MNSearch Summit) You can read the entire article right here and find [...]

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Paid Search fastest growing ad medium! (But don’t forget Online Display.)

Media research firm Kantar Media estimates that Paid Search advertising grew a whopping 7% in first quarter of 2015 compared to the same period last year. That growth rate surpassed all other paid media categories monitored by Kantar, making Paid Search the fastest growing medium for 1Q2015. And while Kantar’s reporting covers nearly all major media, we find the most interesting comparison within the digital media category itself. In contrast to Paid Search’s 7% growth spurt, Online Display Advertising suffered an 8.7% decline for the first quarter. Let’s take a look. The growth in Paid Search makes sense. When people [...]

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Happy 4th of July!

  Happy 4th of July to all of us blessed to live in the United States of America! To those serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, To those who work in public service and private enterprise throughout the country, To all Americans, Let Freedom Ring!  

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Small Business on a roll with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Examiner®, the large online social media magazine, recently released its seventh annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Based on a survey of 3,720 marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs from the U.S. and overseas, the study puts the spotlight on social media trends in small business marketing. Virtually all the survey respondents (96%) use social media marketing in some way and 92% of those “agree” or “strongly agree” that “Social media marketing is important for my business.”  That’s fair confirmation that small business isn’t on the fence about social media. Everyone has jumped in at some level. In terms [...]

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Mobile garners 40% of Email Clicks

According to a study by Yesmail Interactive, mobile clicks now account for nearly 40% of all email clicks. Consumer preference for mobile devices has increased dramatically over the past few years and marketers have been paying attention. As consumers depend more and more on smartphones and tablets, marketers have adjusted by utilizing responsive design in their emails, building mobile-friendly landing pages and optimizing the mobile path-to-purchase. Their efforts are paying off. The Yesmail Interactive study, which compared data from 2013 and 2014, included these findings: Mobile conversion rate (purchase resulting from an email click) grew by 70% while desktop conversion rate declined [...]

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Instagram star keeps rising!

Instagram is soaring these days and the numbers are too big to ignore.  It has become the fastest growing social network in the United States and the trend won’t be slowing any time soon.   According to new research from eMarketer, the number of Instagram users grew by 60% last year which translates to a U.S. monthly user base of 64.2 million people.  The annual growth rate won’t taper off to single digits until 2018 and, by that time, Instagram’s U.S. user base will be solidly above 100 million. The rapid growth in 2014 allowed Instagram to bypass Twitter and slide [...]

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Chili Bowl 2015…good times roll again!

  Spicy stew, horrendous bowling and grown men in animal costumes... it can only mean one thing: the TriAd Chili Bowl! This year, we celebrated our FIFTH ANNUAL with some really amazing chilis, and some very unusual presentations. Mike Todd (from the Columbus Blue Jackets) once again returned to pass judgment on our cooking and performing skills. He had a VERY difficult time choosing between our delicacies, but ultimately, the winner was 'Writers Block Ink', with their 1970's Woodward and Bernstein newspaper theme and Jack Daniels chili (yum!). Other teams included the 80's-inspried 'VHS Players'; the friendly 'BeSocial'; the Bob [...]

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Digital Advertising Growth Creates Branding Opportunities

Digital advertising is now the fastest growing ad format in the United States. The latest advertising forecast from Strategy Analytics projects a whopping 13% growth for digital ad spending in 2015. Just to be clear, “digital advertising” includes search advertising, social media ads, video, mobile and online display advertising of any sort. Search engine advertising is the big gun, accounting for 45% of digital ad revenues for the year.   Looking at it from a different angle, television will remain the biggest advertising medium this year with $78.8 billion in revenue and a 42% share of total U.S. ad expenditure. Digital [...]

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Best Times to Post on Social Media!

The digital intelligence folks at TrackMaven, Inc. have compiled lots of research about optimal times for social media posts. They have analyzed posting activity on the most common social platforms and honed in on days of the week and times of day that are “most popular” or “most effective.”  Their reports provide a handy reference point for comparing your own posting schedules to see where you might be able to improve. Remember though, the best research always provides guidance. It is never “written in stone.” Explore it, experiment a bit and come up with the channel-specific posting strategy that works [...]

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