Digital Advertising Growth Creates Branding Opportunities

Digital advertising is now the fastest growing ad format in the United States. The latest advertising forecast from Strategy Analytics projects a whopping 13% growth for digital ad spending in 2015. Just to be clear, “digital advertising” includes search advertising, social media ads, video, mobile and online display advertising of any sort. Search engine advertising is the big gun, accounting for 45% of digital ad revenues for the year.   Looking at it from a different angle, television will remain the biggest advertising medium this year with $78.8 billion in revenue and a 42% share of total U.S. ad expenditure. Digital [...]

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Best Times to Post on Social Media!

The digital intelligence folks at TrackMaven, Inc. have compiled lots of research about optimal times for social media posts. They have analyzed posting activity on the most common social platforms and honed in on days of the week and times of day that are “most popular” or “most effective.”  Their reports provide a handy reference point for comparing your own posting schedules to see where you might be able to improve. Remember though, the best research always provides guidance. It is never “written in stone.” Explore it, experiment a bit and come up with the channel-specific posting strategy that works [...]

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