Instagram star keeps rising!

Instagram is soaring these days and the numbers are too big to ignore.  It has become the fastest growing social network in the United States and the trend won’t be slowing any time soon.   According to new research from eMarketer, the number of Instagram users grew by 60% last year which translates to a U.S. monthly user base of 64.2 million people.  The annual growth rate won’t taper off to single digits until 2018 and, by that time, Instagram’s U.S. user base will be solidly above 100 million. The rapid growth in 2014 allowed Instagram to bypass Twitter and slide [...]

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Chili Bowl 2015…good times roll again!

  Spicy stew, horrendous bowling and grown men in animal costumes... it can only mean one thing: the TriAd Chili Bowl! This year, we celebrated our FIFTH ANNUAL with some really amazing chilis, and some very unusual presentations. Mike Todd (from the Columbus Blue Jackets) once again returned to pass judgment on our cooking and performing skills. He had a VERY difficult time choosing between our delicacies, but ultimately, the winner was 'Writers Block Ink', with their 1970's Woodward and Bernstein newspaper theme and Jack Daniels chili (yum!). Other teams included the 80's-inspried 'VHS Players'; the friendly 'BeSocial'; the Bob [...]

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