Core Value #3: Own It!

Taking ownership of your work and your role on the team here at TriAd Marketing & Media is crucial. Every member of our team is fully accountable and responsible for their individual area, as well as their part of our creative team. As young children, we are taught to take responsibility for our actions. This does not change as we progress through life. As a small, creative agency of 13 people it is very important that we possess ownership of the different projects we are taking on as individuals and ones that we are tackling as a team with the [...]

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Core Value #2: Passion In All That We Do

Our next core value that is vital to our company is, Passion In All That We Do. Fortunately, this comes naturally for everyone here at TriAd Marketing & Media. Each and every person can honestly say they love their job, the industry and the fun we have here at work. That is something that makes this place so great. We know that a happy agency = happy clients. We have fun doing what we do, working and playing here at TriAd. The work itself is fun for our employees because of the passion they have for what they do. “I love [...]

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Core Value #1: Service Excellence

Over the next few blogs we are going to be discussing the core values that we are built on and incorporate into everything that we do here at TriAd Marketing & Media. Core values are the foundation of a business; they are what employees can turn to for guidance and should be reflected in every piece of work that is produced. The first core value that we are going to discuss is Service Excellence. As an agency, we are driven by demands given to us by the client. Service excellence means more than just taking orders. We are proactive and [...]

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Improving SEO Part Two: Advertising Blog Posts

Do you want your blog to be seen by more people? You’ve spent hours researching and writing this blog. Now it is time to show off your hard work. Writing the blog is half the battle of posting a blog, the other half is getting that blog seen and read by as many people as you can out there on the internet. Social Media The first place people usually turn to post it is social media. Facebook and Twitter are two great places for blog posts. It is helpful to make a title that really stands out to your readers [...]

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TriAd-A-Lawn Fall 2016

The annual TriAd-A-Lawn took place last week! It was a gorgeous fall day out on the lawn full of fun games and delicious food. The theme for this year’s event… drum roll please… Hillbilly games! TriAd-A-Lawn commissioner, Michael Dubs, really out did himself this year. The day started with football draft style team picking. Stacy Smith (Team McCoy) and Chelsea Amato (Team Hatfield) were the two captains in charge of picking the finest talent. The afternoon consisted of 3 games: Sling Shot, Toilet Seat Horseshoes & finally the Sack Race. Action shots of each game are pictured below! Each game [...]

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TriAd Marketing & Media Celebrates 44 Years!

TriAd Marketing & Media was originally founded in 1972 by Lee Ault, Ken Keller and Pat Reynolds with the original name of Tri’Advertising, Inc. The 3 founding partners had different reasons for agreeing on the name. Mr. Keller, who proposed the name, meant to imply “3 in advertising.” Mrs. Reynolds thought the name suggested harmony or blending of talents as a “triad” in music. Mr. Ault, whose vision shaped the early years of the company, felt the name embraced his concept of a “communications clinic”. His idea was that 3 independently owned (an advertising agency, a public relations practice and [...]

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Improve your blog’s SEO

Blogs are everywhere. If you ask Google a question, chances are it will bring up a couple blogs relevant to what you asked. Blogs are informative, a quick read and improve SEO, which is why a lot of companies have a blog on their website. Blogs are important here at TriAd Marketing & Media, we take pride in the writing we do for our own blog and our clients’ blogs. Recently one of our web developers, Brian Canini, hosted an SEO workshop for the TriAd employees to help us improve our blog’s SEO. He offered so much insightful advice and [...]

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18th Annual Kiwanis Charity Regatta

On August 29, 2016, TriAd Marketing & Media sponsored and participated in the 18th Annual Kiwanis Charity Regatta. The Kiwanis Charity Regatta is a fund-raising event that generates fun, enthusiasm and community spirit on behalf of childhood literacy. Businesses, like TriAd, and community leaders use super-soaker water guns to propel their decorated “yachts” across a large wading pool. Several heats help determine the prime contenders for the final event. The winner gets $1,000 donated to the charity of their choice. Proceeds support the Summer Reading Club of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the many charitable activities of the Kiwanis Club [...]

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Who is on Social Media?

These days it seems like everyone is using social media, and to some extent that is correct. Social media has had a huge impact on marketing and the way we live our lives. Consumers are constantly interacting with their favorite brands or taking to social media to voice their opinion on service and customer satisfaction. Social media also plays a huge role in brand awareness, if customers are seeing their favorite brands appear on their social media newsfeeds  or seeing their friends talk  about different brands, they are more likely to interact with that brand themselves. Whether that may be [...]

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The Importance of Social Media

Whether you like it or not, social media is everywhere and most importantly it is here to stay. Social media platforms included: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr and well you get the picture. The list goes on and on as more social media platforms are being developed daily. It is similar to the Hunger Games in fashion of you never know who is going to survive or which one is going to become the next big sensation. Social media started out as being a place where you could post pictures or write details of your everyday life (flashback [...]

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