18th Annual Kiwanis Charity Regatta

On August 29, 2016, TriAd Marketing & Media sponsored and participated in the 18th Annual Kiwanis Charity Regatta. The Kiwanis Charity Regatta is a fund-raising event that generates fun, enthusiasm and community spirit on behalf of childhood literacy. Businesses, like TriAd, and community leaders use super-soaker water guns to propel their decorated “yachts” across a large wading pool. Several heats help determine the prime contenders for the final event. The winner gets $1,000 donated to the charity of their choice. Proceeds support the Summer Reading Club of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the many charitable activities of the Kiwanis Club [...]

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Who is on Social Media?

These days it seems like everyone is using social media, and to some extent that is correct. Social media has had a huge impact on marketing and the way we live our lives. Consumers are constantly interacting with their favorite brands or taking to social media to voice their opinion on service and customer satisfaction. Social media also plays a huge role in brand awareness, if customers are seeing their favorite brands appear on their social media newsfeeds  or seeing their friends talk  about different brands, they are more likely to interact with that brand themselves. Whether that may be [...]

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