2017 Brand New Conference

Last week, our associate, Rowan Kempf, drove 320 miles to Chicago, Illinois to attend the 2017 Brand New Conference, a two-day event regarding corporate and brand identity. The largest event of its kind, the conference attracted 1,000+ identity design devotees from across the world. Rowan had the fortune to listen to 20 design leaders as they shared their backgrounds, work experiences, and personal lessons accumulated over the course of their careers. Below, he briefly reflects on the conference and its content. As a web developer, what could I possibly learn from this event to implement in my area of specialization? [...]

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Video Ideas that Inspire

Captivate, indeed. When our client, Zink Foodservice, wanted to increase awareness of their 'Zink University' (ZU) education program, we decided to make a Hollywood-style movie trailer, showing ZU is more than just a 'class'. We helped promote the program and boost participation and recognition throughout their industry. This is what we do. With more than 30 years of video production experience, our award-winning team will take your corporate story and make it shine. With video, we do more than just communicate - we fascinate. Check out the video examples on our YouTube channel to see how we can tell your corporate story and get people [...]

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