Creative Ideas that Inspire

Mike Dubs and Eric Brown are the creative force behind all our graphics and layout design work. This dynamic duo can deliver any message in any way, between corporate-organized to creative-anarchy. Their difference in styles brings a diversity that is very needed in any broad marketing campaign.

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TriAd Associates Produce Wow Signal Documentary

TriAd Marketing & Media is thrilled to announce the official premiere of the Wow Signal Documentary this Saturday, November 4th at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio! This documentary is a tremendous accomplishment for two of our associates. Bob Dawson, directed the production while Mike Shaw, wrote the script. Together they both produced the feature documentary. The film examines the 1977 discovery of an interstellar signal believed by many to be the best evidence of communication from extraterrestrial civilization. Discovered by Ohio radio astronomer Jerry Ehman, the Wow! Signal’s origins remain a mystery and continue to intrigue. In today’s [...]

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