Digital Advertising Growth Creates Branding Opportunities

Digital advertising is now the fastest growing ad format in the United States. The latest advertising forecast from Strategy Analytics projects a whopping 13% growth for digital ad spending in 2015. Just to be clear, “digital advertising” includes search advertising, social media ads, video, mobile and online display advertising of any sort. Search engine advertising is the big gun, accounting for 45% of digital ad revenues for the year.   Looking at it from a different angle, television will remain the biggest advertising medium this year with $78.8 billion in revenue and a 42% share of total U.S. ad expenditure. Digital [...]

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Social-Friendly Brand Websites are a Smart Move

I came across an intriguing article a few weeks back. The gist was that brands interested in building social communities would be better off promoting their own sites rather than relying on Facebook and Twitter. Caught my attention for sure! Published by Media Post, the social media article cites a new report by Forrester Research that concluded, “Top brands’ Facebook and Twitter posts reach only about 2% of their fans and followers, and less than 0.1% of fans and followers interact with each post.” Those statistics seem shocking at first glance. But when you thing about it, they make a lot [...]

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Brand Marketing on Twitter (and a few tips to make it work for you)

There are always lots of opinions floating around on Twitter. Many have become familiar, such as, “Without followers, you’re Tweeting to an empty room” or “People Tweet about useless stuff.” Most of those comments come from folks who simply don’t favor Twitter as a useful social media platform and they’re certainly entitled to their opinion. But the truth is that Twitter’s network is huge and major brands have embraced it in a big way. A research brief published this week by MediaPost Communications cites some huge numbers reported in the Quarterly Twitter Network Study compiled by Simply Measured. The Twitter [...]

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Re-branding Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter – Exciting Times!

Sometimes we are asked to be a part of a company’s re-branding (or branding for that matter) from the ground up. And oh what an exciting time that is! We just love when we can put TriAd’s collective smarts in concept, strategy, design, writing and execution to work as a team. In the fall of 2013, Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter came to TriAd with a specific need … to help them with their advertising re-branding. We jumped in with both feet, digging into what message they wanted to share with each unique target segment of their business. From corporations [...]

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TriAd helps The Childhood League Center build awareness in Central Ohio

TriAd Marketing & Media recently put our video and production skills to very good use for The Childhood League Center. The Center has an on-going strategy to become better known throughout the Central Ohio community as the best place for early childhood learning opportunities for children with special needs as well as their typically developing peers. TriAd was asked to create a Public Service Announcement as part of the Center’s overall communications plan. After drafting the concept and writing the script, TriAd arranged for longtime Center supporter, local TV anchor Chuck Strickler of WBNS 10TV, to be the spokesman for [...]

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Instagram to introduce Advertising – Smart Idea!

There was big news from Instagram last week. The photo-sharing application announced in its company blog that users will soon be seeing an occasional ad in their Instagram feeds. The transition to advertising will be gradual because, as the blog acknowledges, “Seeing photos and videos from brands you don’t follow will be new, so we’ll start slow.” I’m thinking the introduction of advertising is a smart move. Instagram wants to build a sustainable business. And with more than150 million users, the potential audience is large enough for advertisers to take a serious look. Offering advertising opportunities is a smart business [...]

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Website Strategies – Smart Home Page Design

We’re often asked about adding more “call-out” boxes on the home page with hyperlinks to inside pages.  “You know, like all the icons displayed on my smart phone!  One click gets you anywhere!”  Yes, a home page can be set up that way.  But it’s usually not a great idea.  Here’s why. 1)      Your website isn’t a mobile phone.  It is a different experience entirely.  We use our phones for communicating instantly and gathering information on the run – making a quick call, scanning e-mail, sending a text, sharing on Facebook, composing a Tweet or sharing an Instagram.  In comparison, [...]

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TriAd launches New Website for OCIA

TriAd launched a brand new website last week for the Ohio Construction Information Association (OCIA).  Although we design and develop many websites, this one is noteworthy.  In addition to being visually attractive and easy to navigate, the new OCIA website is a storehouse loaded with timely information for anyone interested in Ohio’s transportation infrastructure. The OCIA has always been a reference source for municipalities, legislators, the news media, and Ohio citizens – virtually anyone concerned about maintaining and improving our highways, roads and bridges.  Every page of the new website supports that mission.  Visitors will find basic facts about the [...]

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Yahoo!, Tumblr, Social Media and…Us

Well, there was big news in the social media world last week.  Super web portal and search engine Yahoo! acquired micro-blogging and social networking website Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion. The purchase made me think of some other big changes in the social media landscape – Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the rapid rise of web start-up Pinterest and, a bit further back, Google’s purchase of YouTube.  It gave me pause. We are clearly enchanted by social media.  The technology is powerful.  The promise of instant connection with family, friends, business and services is irresistible.  What’s not to like?  And [...]

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