The Importance of Customer Reviews

Chances are if you have had a great experience or a terrible experience, you might have taken to some form of review website to express your opinion. Online review forums have opened up endless possibilities for consumers to have their opinion be heard. You have the chance to review almost anything and everything today. From clothing, to restaurants, stores, car shops, even individual employees at their places of employment. Customer reviews range in thoroughness and truthfulness, but they do hold a powerful effect on the behavior of your audience. Importance of Reviews   The question is, how big of an [...]

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TriAd helps The Childhood League Center build awareness in Central Ohio

TriAd Marketing & Media recently put our video and production skills to very good use for The Childhood League Center. The Center has an on-going strategy to become better known throughout the Central Ohio community as the best place for early childhood learning opportunities for children with special needs as well as their typically developing peers. TriAd was asked to create a Public Service Announcement as part of the Center’s overall communications plan. After drafting the concept and writing the script, TriAd arranged for longtime Center supporter, local TV anchor Chuck Strickler of WBNS 10TV, to be the spokesman for [...]

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E-Mail Marketing Still Has Much to Offer!

A few weeks back I boldly stated in a blog post that “E-Mail can rock!” Let’s go a bit further down that path.  It seems that many folks are quick to give e-mail marketing the brush-off.  We hear things like, “E-mail is old technology.  It’s all about social media marketing.”  Or “We can’t e-mail too often. Don’t want to offend anyone in our database.”  Or – and this one really gets me – “My parents still use e-mail, but everybody texts now.”  Hmmm!  I counter that e-mail is very much alive.  Doing it right is all about smart strategy and [...]

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Dodge ’em Dave – Online Game of the Year!

TriAd Game Studios | Release Date: Dec. 9th, 2012 Overall Ranking: AWESOME!!! based on 35 reviews Summary: The fearless TriAd leader Dodge 'em Dave takes to the skies in order to save Christmas and put a stop to the evil Lizard, Spike. This side scrolling, action-adventure game features fast paced, heart pounding thrills. Atop his jet powered sleigh, Dave braves hordes of helicopter powered crickets, rocket attacks and even faces off with the true face of evil, Spike the Lizard, a cruel, soulless creature who is bent on destroying the joy of Christmas. Get points for dropping presents in the [...]

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“Knowledge is Power. Moustache is King.”

Well, November is here and, once again, the Movember & Sons movement is alive and well at TriAd.  In fact, it just might be better than ever.  In Movembers past, several of us participated casually by giving the beard free reign, trying a goatee or actually grooming a moustache.  But in 2012, we’ve added some muscle.  This year we have a real team – the Sons of Moustachery! Check us out! For those unaware, during November of each year Movember & Sons is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the US and [...]

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Blogging and Tweeting in the Fortune 500 and Beyond

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research does an annual study of social media use by Fortune 500 companies.  They’ve been doing it for the past 5 years so there’s been time for some trends to take shape.  This year’s report, Social Media Surge by the 2012 Fortune 500: Increase Use of Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and More, offers some very interesting data indeed. According to the 2012 report, 139 Fortune 500 companies (28%) had active, public-facing blogs.  By comparison, only 16% had blogs in 2008 and the past three years have been relatively flat at approximately 23%.  So [...]

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Defining the Brand…when YOU are the Brand!

Let's be honest.  Brand development is a feat seldom accomplished with ease.  It takes an incredible amount of thought, some creative wheel-spinning, and exploration of thorny paths to nowhere until you finally discover the true brand essence.  (Perhaps “gradually reveal” is more accurate than “finally discover.”)  It’s a process of sorts, and no matter how you approach it, there is much to consider.  The personality of the company, the relevance of the work they do, the trends within their industry, even the brand identities of competing companies are key players in the branding game.  These factors alone create an interesting [...]

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The 40th blog.

In the fruition of an idea that started the first week of 2012, our fearless and fun-loving team assembled 40 blogs in the 40 consecutive weeks leading up to TriAd's 40th anniversary on October 1. And what a great anniversary! First of all, I have to thank all of our clients. Without you we couldn't do all that we love! We promise to continue offering our blood, sweat and tears on each project to keep these wonderful relationships going strong. Next, I really want to share my profound thanks and admiration for every TriAd associate, each of whom keeps our mission moving [...]

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The delightful, incomparable…blog!

There is an old saying that’s familiar to all of us.  It goes something like, “Just when you thought you had all the answers, they changed the questions.”  It’s an adage that rings truer than ever in today’s social media world.  Social media sites continue evolving at a frenetic pace with new tools and applications that promise a fuller, richer experience.  And those tools spark new ideas among social media users – ideas for engaging with family, friends, colleagues and customers in more meaningful ways.  For the company or individual trying to build a productive social media marketing program, it’s [...]

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