Pumpkin Carving 2012: Zombies and Clowns

I have absolutely no problem whatsoever saying that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Christmas and its "lets start selling decorations as early as September" nonsense, Thanksgiving and its days of recuperation from eating far too much turkey, New Years and its onslaught of hangovers and headaches, 4th of July and its inevitable fire hazards … all pale in comparison to the awesomeness that is Halloween. Of the many activities that come along with Halloween, one of my favorites has to be pumpkin carving. I had in mind two pumpkins to be carved, both inspired by two of my [...]

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Designing the Success of ‘Future’ Products

For the past few years, TriAd has been on the ground floor of three very exciting consumer products that are hitting the market nationwide. Jim Kennedy, our longtime client and founder of Twenty First Century Communications, recently started the new product-development company known as 'Next Future'. Almost immediately, TriAd was called in to help market three of the company's newest consumer products: LinenLOCK, Soapsleeve, and the Cleanicator. Our graphic artists created appealing in-store product packaging for LinenLOCK and the Cleanicator, which are currently being considered for nationwide placement in Bed, Bath & Beyond. Our writers worked with our designers to [...]

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