Rolling with Mickey D – Advertising at its Very Best

Every once in a while you come across a really great advertising campaign, the kind that simply knocks your socks off.  It happened to me the other day while traveling the I-270 beltway around Columbus.  A hefty semi-truck rolled past and settled in just ahead and one lane over.  Part of McDonald’s familiar red delivery fleet, the truck graphics featured the award-winning “Quality in Motion” campaign. The rear doors featured a mouth-watering photo of Mickey D’s golden French fries bursting from the signature red carton.  Large size, of course!  Above the photo, two words:  No Passing.  It was an irresistible [...]

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Merry Christmas to one and all!

With the first snowfall upon us and Christmas very near, it’s the perfect time for a holiday greeting. So from all of us at TriAd to each of you, May you greet each day with the wonder of a child. May the joy of the season fill your heart and embrace your spirit. And may peace and tranquility be yours for all days. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

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Calendar Season! ‘Tis here again!

Long about midsummer or early fall, clients begin thinking about their company calendar for the next year.  This year was no exception and TriAd has enjoyed a full plate of 2013 calendar design projects for the past few months.  And now that all have been printed and delivered, it’s a great time for a few moments of reflection. To put it simply, there’s just something very special about calendars.  Despite the unrelenting bombardment of digital formats for desktop, laptop and mobile phone, the traditional printed calendar retains its popularity.  For companies, the annual calendar is an opportunity to present their [...]

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Counting the Final Days & Pages of 2012

Entering the final month of the year it seems like countdowns and numbers become important to a lot of us: grade school students and the Tiny Tim Cratchits among us are counting the days until Christmas vacation; family members and the Bob Cratchits are counting the days preparing for family and friends to arrive for the holidays; and administrators are doing their “Ebenezer Scrooge number crunching” to see if quotas will be met by the time we turn the calendar. Well, the TriAd magazine staff is continuing to work feverishly in producing our final publications for 2012. (Thank you boss [...]

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“Knowledge is Power. Moustache is King.”

Well, November is here and, once again, the Movember & Sons movement is alive and well at TriAd.  In fact, it just might be better than ever.  In Movembers past, several of us participated casually by giving the beard free reign, trying a goatee or actually grooming a moustache.  But in 2012, we’ve added some muscle.  This year we have a real team – the Sons of Moustachery! Check us out! For those unaware, during November of each year Movember & Sons is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the US and [...]

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The Creative Graveyard beckons…Come in! Come in!

In the spirit of Halloween, TriAd's creative team has developed "The Creative Graveyard".  This is the place to reflect on advertising campaigns and creative designs that should never be forgotten. Come and pay your respects to some really good ideas that finished their public life or ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor. May they all Rest in Peace. And may you have some fun and enjoy! Visit the Graveyard  

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Designing the Success of ‘Future’ Products

For the past few years, TriAd has been on the ground floor of three very exciting consumer products that are hitting the market nationwide. Jim Kennedy, our longtime client and founder of Twenty First Century Communications, recently started the new product-development company known as 'Next Future'. Almost immediately, TriAd was called in to help market three of the company's newest consumer products: LinenLOCK, Soapsleeve, and the Cleanicator. Our graphic artists created appealing in-store product packaging for LinenLOCK and the Cleanicator, which are currently being considered for nationwide placement in Bed, Bath & Beyond. Our writers worked with our designers to [...]

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For the Love of Adobe

It's no secret that we love the Adobe Creative Suite here at TriAd. For us, it is the absolute best way to get things done quickly and effectively for our clients. This love affair began quite a while ago. I remember it like it was yesterday... It was crisp October morning in 1990. Birds were chirping, autumn leaves offered brilliant shades of orange and red, and the awesome program that is Photoshop 1.0 had been presented to the design world in all its glory. That's probably not at all how it really happened, but in my head that’s what I [...]

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Client Involvement: the key to great creative!

Every now and then we cross paths with a truly exceptional client, one who understands the power of creativity and participates enthusiastically in the collaboration process, one who is a pleasure to work with every day. The result is creative work at its finest! TriAd has enjoyed this kind of relationship with Main St. Group, a printing, packaging and promotional solutions company. In fact, we’ve had the pleasure of working on their brand development twice, in 2006 and today. It’s been a great partnership all the way. When we first connected, Main St. wanted to enhance their brand identity. The [...]

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Inspired Publications

Traditional, Conventional, Standard – these are not words heard in the halls of TriAd. You are more likely to hear – Creative, Inspired, Custom. TriAd stands out from other marketing firms and advertising agencies because of our wealth of capabilities and services. (It’s not just because of our crazy Creative talents.) Starting in 1986 with one publication, Ohio Contractor magazine, our Publications Department was born. More than 15 trade-related titles across seven states later, we have honed our skills to suit the individual needs of each of our clients. Producing meaningful publications that get our client’s messages in front of their [...]

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