Dodge ’em Dave – Online Game of the Year!

TriAd Game Studios | Release Date: Dec. 9th, 2012 Overall Ranking: AWESOME!!! based on 35 reviews Summary: The fearless TriAd leader Dodge 'em Dave takes to the skies in order to save Christmas and put a stop to the evil Lizard, Spike. This side scrolling, action-adventure game features fast paced, heart pounding thrills. Atop his jet powered sleigh, Dave braves hordes of helicopter powered crickets, rocket attacks and even faces off with the true face of evil, Spike the Lizard, a cruel, soulless creature who is bent on destroying the joy of Christmas. Get points for dropping presents in the [...]

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TriAd Toss 2012

Once a year, the TriAd team members leave their desks and gather on the front lawn of 371 County Line Rd. West to partake in a spectacle of skill, music and revelry. I am of course referring to the TriAd Toss, our cook out/corn hole/Bob playing the keyboard event. And ... as we have recently learned, also the birthday of our office mascot, Spike the Lizard. This year's grill food was the ever popular hamburger, which has been by-passed in recent years for the more elongated hot dog or bratwurst. Accompanying the burgers was a delightful corn hole themed cake, created [...]

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Happy Spike Day!

I am Spike… and I got what I wanted. Listen, it wasn't personal. The mischievous goings-on this past week were really just to create an awareness about how awesome I am and who the real creative force behind this agency is. Yes, I might have gotten a little spray paint happy on the blog, but having to clean it up gave Dave a little bit of exercise. And taking over the TriAd website was just a test, to keep that web designer on his toes. Admittedly, taking The BlogFather hostage and posting that video might have gone a bit too [...]

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