TriAd Marketing & Media Honored as 2017 Small Business of the Year

On January 23rd, 2018 TriAd attended the 50th Annual Business Seminar & Awards Luncheon where we were awarded the 2017 Small Business of the Year Award by the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the award, TriAd received commendations from Ohio Senate, House and Representatives and the Secretary of State. Each year, the Chamber solicits nominations from Chamber members. Following the nominations, finalists were selected and interviewed. Each finalist was judged on a list of criteria, including leadership, innovation and community involvement. “We are so proud to be part of the Westerville community. One that values every resident and [...]

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The Big Idea!

For TriAd’s holiday gift this year, we wanted to give people a fun drink they could enjoy. To start the process, we had to figure out what drink we wanted to create. So, we broke into 3 different teams to find a recipe that incorporate our brand’s colors into a drink. We then brought in the recipes, made the drinks, taste tested and voted on which one was the best. After choosing our drink, we brainstormed on a list of names of what to call the drink, so it would reflect our values. We developed the message behind our drink [...]

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TriAd Marketing & Media Wins Small Business of the Year Award

WESTERVILLE AREA CHAMBER ANNOUNCES 2017 AWARDS The Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the winners of the 2017 Business Person of the Year, 2017 Young Professional of the Year and 2017 Business of the Year awards. Each year, the Chamber solicits nominations for these awards from Chamber members. Following the nominations, finalists were selected and interviewed. Each finalist was judged on a list of criteria, including leadership, innovation and community involvement. The winners selected for each award category are: 2017 BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR Kathy Krendl, President, Otterbein University, Nominator: Jennifer Hill, Dir. of Marketing and Communications, Otterbein University 2017 [...]

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TriAd Associates Produce Wow Signal Documentary

TriAd Marketing & Media is thrilled to announce the official premiere of the Wow Signal Documentary this Saturday, November 4th at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio! This documentary is a tremendous accomplishment for two of our associates. Bob Dawson, directed the production while Mike Shaw, wrote the script. Together they both produced the feature documentary. The film examines the 1977 discovery of an interstellar signal believed by many to be the best evidence of communication from extraterrestrial civilization. Discovered by Ohio radio astronomer Jerry Ehman, the Wow! Signal’s origins remain a mystery and continue to intrigue. In today’s [...]

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Web Ideas that Inspire

TriAd Marketing & Media is excited to unveil our latest video series, Ideas That Inspire! Our associates are the core of our company and we want you to get to know them better. The first video features our web team, Elliott Benzle & Rowan Kempf. Learn more about the duo and what inspires them in the video below:  

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2017 Florida Transportation Builders’ Association Annual Convention

Over the past weekend, our associates, Jerry Marks and Crystal Vance of TriAd’s Publication Staff attended the Florida Transportation Builders’ Association Convention held at Amelia Island’s Ritz Carlton.  TriAd Marketing & Media has had the privilege of working with the FTBA for many years now. TriAd covered more than 22 hours of convention activities for Florida Transportation Builder magazine, which is one of five association magazines we produce. Every year, the summer issue of the magazine is released at the convention and is a huge hit! In addition, TriAd Marketing & Media provided little bottles of aloe to help relieve [...]

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Your Company has a Compelling Story! We can help you tell it!

Let TriAd Marketing & Media create a video highlighting your product or service with Ideas That Inspire - Ideas that compel action! Video will: Bring your customer into your facility for a virtual tour Communicate your company personality and why someone should do business with you Educate and inform employees and customers Help rank your website higher on Google Search TriAd has over 30 years of video production experience to creatively bring your story to life. Call TriAd Marketing & Media to learn more! Head over to the Video portion of our website to see our past work:

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SEO Optimization for YouTube Videos

Videos have become increasingly popular in the world of digital media. If your company has invested both time and money in video production, then you want to get those videos in front of as many people as you can. YouTube is THE place for videos. If your company does not have a YouTube channel, you can create one by setting up a Gmail account, from there you will be able to set up a YouTube account. Posting on YouTube will help your SEO by giving you a “backlink” that is a credible source when Google is determining where to put [...]

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Core Value #5: Client Focused

Being Client Focused operates on several levels. At the most basic, it means being diligent the with day-to-day responsibilities of marketing communications – project management, art, writing – whatever your specialty happens to be. Next level up, it means embracing the responsibility that comes with partnership and bringing new ideas to the table – sound ideas that have real potential to further the client’s business. But over everything else, being Client Focused means truly caring about the client’s business, believing in it, and treating it as your own. That is the spirit of true, long-lasting partnership. Each and every client we [...]

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Chili Bowl 2017

Here’s how it went down, seven teams of 2 were asked to make the most boss chili of all time. Each team had to choose a clutch 80’s pop culture reference for their chili and team. From Alf to Atari and Rubik’s to Rocky III, the era had a ton of great themes to choose from. Presentation points played a huge role in this year’s Chili Bowl. Our seven teams whipped out all the stops. Presentation included anything from sportin’ costumes, song/dance and food fanciness. The point breakdown went as follows: 100 points for chili quality 100 points for presentations [...]

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