3 Steps to Accessing the 3-Pack: Google My Business and You

Recently, Google has implemented a change in the layout design of its search results. Previously when a user searched for services, Google would display a 7-pack of local business listings. Now that group has been reduced to a pack of 3. What does that mean for your business and being seen in Google's search results? Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complex and your listing's performance relies on many variables; however, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your business is more likely to appear in the featured 3-pack on Google. 1. First, you will want to claim your [...]

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TriAd Marketing & Media Launches New Website

TriAd Marketing & Media is proud to announce the launch of our new website! We believe this site perfectly demonstrates our dedication to the industry, creativeness and hard work. Each and every one of our associates have contributed in some way to our new site which allows our individual personalities to shine through. For the new site, our web department wanted to build a site that was more engaging and dynamic than most sites. They were able to incorporate more animation (created by our talented art department) and interactive elements while also being compatible with mobile phone and older web [...]

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WordPress for Beginners – How to Create Categories in WordPress

In our last WordPress for Beginners article, WordPress for Beginners – An Overview of the WordPress Admin Section, we went over some of the pages that you’ll find yourself using the most in your WordPress Admin Section for your blog or website. In this short guide, we’re going to go over another useful feature in the WordPress Admin Section, Categories.   What are WordPress Categories WordPress Categories are a helpful way to group related blog posts together, in order to quickly tell the reader what the post is about.  Put simply, Categories make it easier for people to find your [...]

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Social-Friendly Brand Websites are a Smart Move

I came across an intriguing article a few weeks back. The gist was that brands interested in building social communities would be better off promoting their own sites rather than relying on Facebook and Twitter. Caught my attention for sure! Published by Media Post, the social media article cites a new report by Forrester Research that concluded, “Top brands’ Facebook and Twitter posts reach only about 2% of their fans and followers, and less than 0.1% of fans and followers interact with each post.” Those statistics seem shocking at first glance. But when you thing about it, they make a lot [...]

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6 Must Have WordPress SEO Plugins

You've built a website and now have a presence online, what’s next? Well, building a presence online is only good if people can find you. That means it’s time to focus on a couple things, advertising your website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an integral part of how people will find your website. It’s also one of the best ways to improve your brand presence online and help create more organic traffic and customers to your website. WordPress out of the box is already quite good for SEO, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. The following [...]

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Moodle Review

Moodle is a free, open source Learning Management System used by educators to provide online courses or training. We put together a quick guide for businesses, schools and developers who are looking through the options and trying to find the best LMS for them. This Moodle review is geared towards site operators who would be building the courses, not necessarily the students and end users. Pros It's free! Open Source, so you can edit the software to meet any needs. Fairly good documentation. Robust online forum and support community. Well known by programmers. It's fairly easy to find a coder [...]

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5 Great WordPress Sliders

When you go to a website what’s the first thing you see? If that website has an animated slider (or slideshow) on their homepage, the answer to that question more often than not will be the slider. Sliders are a great way to highlight content, publicize important news, share cool photos and videos, or showoff new products and services in a way that immediately grabs the user’s attention. There are a wide variety of slider plugins available on WordPress, both free and premium. Finding the slider that fits your sites needs best can take some time and research. Most sliders [...]

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WordPress for Beginners – An Overview of the WordPress Admin Section

Wordpress is an incredibly powerful tool and is very easy to work with. But like any technology it can be difficult to grasp. This short guide on Wordpress for Beginners will help break through that initial boundary of learning your way around the Wordpress admin section. Logging in To access the WordPress Admin site, you’ll first need to log in to your WordPress site. You can get to the login page (see figure 1) by adding /wp-admin to the end of your sites URL in your browser window (example: http://YourSite.com/wp-admin). Once you’ve logged into your site you’ll be in the [...]

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How to Use Keywords

by Elliott Benzle How to use keywords for better SEO This set-by-step guide will help you better understand how keywords work and how to use them to give your website more visibility through organic search engine optimization.   The Basics Keywords are phrases made of multiple words. They don't have to be single words, but can be. Each page of your site should be optimized for one specific keyword. Don't optimize different pages for the same keyword, then you're effectively competing with yourself for traffic. Capitalization doesn't matter but word variations do (ie. plural vs. singlar).    Step 1: Research [...]

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Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter Selected TriAd to Share their 2013 Charitable Giving Initiative

Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter Holiday Video Card Having worked with Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter on their corporate re-branding, TriAd was thrilled to work with them again on their 2013 Holiday Giving Initiative. Every year this Columbus, Ohio based law firm selects a charitable organization whose mission is focused on local communities. In addition to giving a donation of time and money, the firm promotes the annual initiative to all of its contacts, bringing more awareness to the charitable organization’s mission. For 2013 Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter selected The Heart of the City Foundation and Manna [...]

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