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Core Value #1: Service Excellence

Over the next few blogs we are going to be discussing the core values that we are built on and incorporate into everything that we do here at TriAd Marketing & Media. Core values are the foundation of a business; they are what employees can turn to for guidance and should be reflected in every piece of work that is produced. The first core value that we are going to discuss is Service Excellence.

TriAd-Core Values posters 18x245

As an agency, we are driven by demands given to us by the client. Service excellence means more than just taking orders. We are proactive and responsive thinkers here at TriAd, when faced with a obstacle, our creative minds immediately jump to how we can fix it and in the best way possible. We provide clear, consistent communication and extraordinary work. Our clients are our number one priority; our employees go to extensive lengths to ensure 100% satisfaction which results from effective communication and top of the line work.

We are committed to superior customer experience, every time. Which is reflected in our integrity from our customers. TriAd Marketing & Media recently celebrated its 44th birthday, one of our favorite clients, Team Fishel, has been with us throughout all 44 years. We cannot thank Team Fishel enough for allowing us to work with them for all of those years. A partnership between two businesses that lasts that length of time is a true testament to TriAd Marketing & Media and shows the great distances we will go to in order to give our clients the very best.



Improving SEO Part Two: Advertising Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization consultant touching SEO button

Do you want your blog to be seen by more people? You’ve spent hours researching and writing this blog. Now it is time to show off your hard work. Writing the blog is half the battle of posting a blog, the other half is getting that blog seen and read by as many people as you can out there on the internet.

Social Media

The first place people usually turn to post it is social media. Facebook and Twitter are two great places for blog posts. It is helpful to make a title that really stands out to your readers and makes them want to read your blog. A picture that goes along with the text is another helpful way to get reader’s attention. Since it is the norm to post on twitter 2-3 times a day, you can tweet your blog out multiple times as long as the text included with the link is different every time. No one wants to see the same tweet over and over again, that could cause a decrease in followers.


Have you ever used Reddit? Reddit’s slogan is “the face of the internet”, so if you haven’t used it before, now would be a great time to start! Reddit has different categories called ‘sub reddits’, which have different topics for people to post interesting articles to. Once you post your article to a certain sub reddit, it will either gets votes up or down. If people find your article interesting, they will click on the up arrow and if they do not like it they will give it the down arrow. It is okay if you get the down arrow, it is the internet after all. The up arrow will keep your article to the first page of the sub reddit for longer, so the more the better. When you are using Reddit, it is important to be interactive and show that you have a presence on there. You don’t want to just login, post the article and leave. Reddit will start to pick up on that and label you as spam which will hinder you from posting future articles.


StumbleUpon is very similar to Reddit. There are different categories that pertain to many different topics. The first step would be finding the category closest to what your blog post is about.  Unlike Reddit where you can post the same link multiple times, you can only post the link once on StumbleUpon. Just like Facebook and Twitter, it is important to choose a picture that relates to the blog and a good title in hopes that will lead to more people clicking on your link.

These sites take time, you need to grow your profile in order to look more credible. This may seem like a lot of work but these can be great places to post your blogs in order for them to be seen by more people. A huge thanks to our web developer, Brian Canini, for these helpful tips. Happy blogging!

TriAd-A-Lawn Fall 2016

The annual TriAd-A-Lawn took place last week! It was a gorgeous fall day out on the lawn full of fun games and delicious food. The theme for this year’s event… drum roll please… Hillbilly games! TriAd-A-Lawn commissioner, Michael Dubs, really out did himself this year. The day started with football draft style team picking. Stacy Smith (Team McCoy) and Chelsea Amato (Team Hatfield) were the two captains in charge of picking the finest talent. The afternoon consisted of 3 games: Sling Shot, Toilet Seat Horseshoes & finally the Sack Race. Action shots of each game are pictured below! Each game had a set amount of points, then they were totaled at the end where Team Hatfield reigned supreme. Each member of the team brought a dish to fit the theme. These fixings included: corn dog casserole, baked beans, hillbilly caviar, pulled pork and hillbilly teeth just to name a few. Dave Keller, President of TriAd, even had a themed outfit for the games. It was another GREAT TriAd event!!

TriAd Marketing & Media Celebrates 44 Years!

TriAd-44th birthday FINAL

TriAd Marketing & Media was originally founded in 1972 by Lee Ault, Ken Keller and Pat Reynolds with the original name of Tri’Advertising, Inc. The 3 founding partners had different reasons for agreeing on the name. Mr. Keller, who proposed the name, meant to imply “3 in advertising.” Mrs. Reynolds thought the name suggested harmony or blending of talents as a “triad” in music. Mr. Ault, whose vision shaped the early years of the company, felt the name embraced his concept of a “communications clinic”. His idea was that 3 independently owned (an advertising agency, a public relations practice and a sales promotion firm) that would collectively provide marketing expertise small local businesses required.

TriAd’s account list grew steadily. The agency was selected to prepare and place all advertising for 8 consecutive Ohio State Fairs, and in 1975/76 was chosen to write, photograph, art direct and produce the national commemorative program for the American Freedom Train.

Inevitably, the years brought change. Mrs. Reynolds left the company in 1979 and in 1986, Mr. Ault sold his shares in the company to Mr. Keller. Dave Keller, current President of TriAd Marketing & Media, bought out Ken’s shares after his retirement in 2001.

Now that we have learned about the history of TriAd Marketing & Media, let’s talk about where we are today. On October 1st, 2016 TriAd will have been in business for 44 years. Currently operating with 13 full-time staff members whose expertise range from new trends in the industry such as web development, SEO, social media and video production to the skills that the company was founded on such as marketing, publication editorial and production, communications, sales promotion and public relations.

Bob Dawson, Digital Media Director, has been with the company for 13 years, his favorite TriAd memories include the quarterly events, esp. the ‘TriAd Chili Bowl’ (probably due to the fact that he is an AMAZING cook). Bob says, “It’s great for team-building and gives TriAd associates a chance to have a wonderful time”. During the past 13 years Bob has watched TriAd transition into new areas of business; move into a new building; acquire associates from another company; and build an exciting culture that gets better every year. His favorite thing about TriAd is the closeness he has with his co-workers. “I truly feel it betters our product when we can openly communicate with each other”, said Bob.

Stacy Smith, Account Coordinator, recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the company. Stacy came to TriAd with 15 years of experience in corporate event planning and her personality has brought wonders to the office. “With some of our long standing clients it continuously challenges us to think differently and to keep our eye on what’s next. I like that our relationships with clients are more like partnerships. Creating & building a better brand together. We create a better view/lens for others to see what our clients are all about,” reflected Stacy. She also loves that everyone’s personality shines through their work. “We have a very talented group of people that work here, you have the ability to be yourself while producing great work, and everyone’s willingness to help each other be more successful”.

We truly love what we do here at TriAd and have fun doing it. We are looking forward to many more successful years to come!

Improve your blog’s SEO

Blogs are everywhere. If you ask Google a question, chances are it will bring up a couple blogs relevant to what you asked. Blogs are informative, a quick read and improve SEO, which is why a lot of companies have a blog on their website. Blogs are important here at TriAd Marketing & Media, we take pride in the writing we do for our own blog and our clients’ blogs.

Recently one of our web developers, Brian Canini, hosted an SEO workshop for the TriAd employees to help us improve our blog’s SEO. He offered so much insightful advice and we have already seen vast improvement in our SEO. Here are some of the improvements that Brian told us to make.

  1. Use Google Keyword Planner. Whether you have been writing a blog for some time, or just started, it is important to know your target audience. The interest of your target audience will determine the topic of your blog. Then you can use Google Keyword Planner to find which keywords are the strongest and include them in your blog. Make sure to include the keyword in the title of the blog and in the permalink.
  2. Try not to have long blocks of text in your blog. Break it up by using different paragraphs, bullet points, lists or numbers. This will keep readers on the page. It is hard to hold the reader’s attention if they look at your blog and just see one big box of text. A good rule of thumb is keeping it to one idea per paragraph.
  3. Include internal and external links. If you are directing your readers to a different page on your website, include the link to make it easier for them. This will keep you from losing readers while improving your SEO at the same time. If you got your information for the blog from somewhere else, then make sure to include those links. Even if you are directing readers towards other sites, Google, and the reader, will both appreciate that you are helping the reader as much as possible.

These are just a few ways to improve your blog’s SEO, make sure to check our blog regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. A huge thank you to Brian for all of this help information!

18th Annual Kiwanis Charity Regatta

On August 29, 2016, TriAd Marketing & Media sponsored and participated in the 18th Annual Kiwanis Charity Regatta. The Kiwanis Charity Regatta is a fund-raising event that generates fun, enthusiasm and community spirit on behalf of childhood literacy. Businesses, like TriAd, and community leaders use super-soaker water guns to propel their decorated “yachts” across a large wading pool. Several heats help determine the prime contenders for the final event. The winner gets $1,000 donated to the charity of their choice.

Proceeds support the Summer Reading Club of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and the many charitable activities of the Kiwanis Club of Columbus. Kiwanis Club of Columbus gives approximately $80,000 annually to the community as a result of its fund-raising efforts. These funds go to a variety of organization, mainly focusing on improving the lives of children and their families. Dave Keller, President of TriAd, is an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Columbus.

The yacht submitted by TriAd Marketing & Media was created and designed by the talented, Eric Brown is shown below. “This year’s design presented more of a challenge with the paint job than the actual building, it was my first attempt at creating a weathered look. But as always, a lot of fun! Fun side note: The bolts are actually googly eyes, if you shake the boat you can still hear them rattle around”, said Brown.

TriAd was not victorious this year, but we still have a great time at such an amazing event. We can’t wait return next year! Check out all the pictures from the event below.

Who is on Social Media?

These days it seems like everyone is using social media, and to some extent that is correct. Social media has had a huge impact on marketing and the way we live our lives. Consumers are Document-page-001 (1)constantly interacting with their favorite brands or taking to social media to voice their opinion on service and customer satisfaction. Social media also plays a huge role in brand awareness, if customers are seeing their favorite brands appear on their social media newsfeeds  or seeing their friends talk  about different brands, they are more likely to interact with that brand themselves. Whether that may be purchasing an item from that brand or interacting with them on social media.

TriAd Marketing & Media has created this infographic to better understand who is using social media and which platforms are they using. After  discovering and interrupting this research, the associates here at TriAd Marketing & Media believe to have a better understanding about which platforms our clients should be using to reach their target audience. It is also important that we know which social media outlets are on the rise so that way we can best advise our clients in the future as well.

The percentages shown in the infographic are out of the number of users on the internet.The internet has 3.4 billion users, there are 2.3 billion active social media users, and Facebook reigns supreme with 1.71 billion users.

  • Nearly 3.8 billion people have access to the internet via mobile devices.
  • Close to 2 billion people are active social media users.
  • 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels,
  • The amount of social media users has risen by 176 million in the last year.
  • Facebook shares have the greatest influence on Google search rankings in the U.S. followed by backlinks.

Statistics above found here.

As you can see social media has taken the world by storm and that does not look like it is changing anytime soon. Make sure to keep up with our blog to learn about any new and upcoming trends in the world of social media.

The Importance of Social Media

Background of famous social media icons

Whether you like it or not, social media is everywhere and most importantly it is here to stay. Social media platforms included: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr and well you get the picture. The list goes on and on as more social media platforms are being developed daily. It is similar to the Hunger Games in fashion of you never know who is going to survive or which one is going to become the next big sensation.

Social media started out as being a place where you could post pictures or write details of your everyday life (flashback to MySpace, if anyone remembers that one). Now it is used as a powerful marketing tool for businesses across the world. Since it is #SocialMediaDay (you can’t celebrate appropriately without using a hashtag), TriAd Marketing & Media thought it would be vital to use this day to show how important it is for you and your business.

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their website. According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media. Those are some pretty big numbers. Let’s starting getting specific about what exactly social media can do for your brand.

  1. Increased Brand Recognition. Every chance you get to share your content and increase your visibility. Social media channels are intended to be another medium to share your brand’s story, messaging and content. This is important because it means you are getting your message out on platforms and you are more accessible for your customers. For example, just this week we were trying to get ahold of a local newspaper, when we didn’t hear from them right away. We took to their social media and got a response within 20 minutes!
  2.  Improved Brand Loyalty. Brands who engage on social media are likely to have stronger loyalty from their customers. Have you ever reached out to a company on social media then just not heard anything back at all? I’m sure. It is those time when customers do hear back from that company that stands out in their mind and creates a sense of loyalty between the brand and their customers.
  3. Higher Conversion Rates. Social media marketing results in higher conversion rates in a few distinct ways. Perhaps the most significant is its humanization element. Social media is a place where brands can show their true personality and act like humans. They can include humor, admit fault and create a voice to draw customers in. Additionally, studies have shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.
  4. Better Search Engine Rankings. SEO is the best way to capture relevant traffic from search engines, but the requirements for success are always changing. Google and other search engines may be calculating their rankings using social media presence as a significant factor, because of the fact that strong brands are all using social media. Being active on social media can act as a ‘brand signal’ to search engines that your brand is legitimate, credible and trustworthy. That means, if you want to rank for a given set of keywords, having a strong social media presence could almost be mandatory.

These are just a few of many reasons why social media is so important to brands and businesses today. If you aren’t jumping on the social media train, your brand might be left behind. Contact TriAd today if you need help getting your business involved in social media! Happy posting!

Lunch & Learn presented by Domtar

DOM-15159_Print_Works_Infographic-08.05.15-page-001As a full-service marketing agency, print marketing is essential to us and our clients. Last week, our employees here at TriAd Marketing & Media attended a Lunch & Learn presented by Domtar. Here at TriAd, we are dedicated to furthering the knowledge of what is going on in all different industries that related to our line of work, the paper industry being one of those. It is important for our employees to know about the finest products on the market so we can better serve our clients.

Another part of being in the marketing industry is seeing how the evolution of technology has altered the services that we offer our clients. Some examples include social media, email marketing, digital marketing and much more. One of the takeaways from the Lunch & Learn was the infographic shown to the right, which shows print by the numbers. Some of the statistics include:

  • 75% still prefer traditional promotional materials
  • 70% prefer to read on paper
  • 44% visit a brand’s website after receiving direct mail
  • 24% share print articles
  • 23% save print articles

The infographic includes other amazing statistics about how even in this technologically advanced society, print still and will always play a significant role.

The Future of Print

This was another important topic that was discussed, how print is keeping up with the evolving technology. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone, print’s bag of tricks helps marketers enable and improve mobile advertising. With the advent of Near Field Communications, print can send your message directly to your customer’s device. This does not just involve sending the consumer to a website; you can also send offers, files, and videos or even activate augmented reality apps.

Cross-channel marketing

This is a concept that is key for customer engagement and brand awareness. Cross-channel marketing uses multiple channels and presents a unified message that crosses all of them. The benefit to customers is an increased opportunity to engage and ultimately trust the brand. Whatever medium you are using, make sure your message is the same throughout.

Overall it was a great Lunch & Learn, our employees took so much away and we can’t wait to relay all the information to our customers. A special thanks to Brian Krampe from Domtar for the wonderful presentation! Check out Domtar’s website for yourself here:

Putt Wars 2016

TriAd’s 13 creative coeds descended upon the picturesque Camp Crystal Lake Golf Course for the annual TriAd Putt Wars – Friday the 13th edition. Unbeknownst to them, something sinister was lurking in the wooded shadows, with intentions other than small white balls, colorful putters and creative minds. The swing of a sharp, rusty machete signaled the beginning of what became their  putt putting survival. Once the mist had faded, the fake blood cleaned up and everyone had completed their TriAd-mandated therapy (beer), awards were presented to those who survived. The Creative Hole Award was a tie between Michael Dubs and Janine Robinson, who decided to share the award instead of hacking each other to pieces. A first for Putt Wars was a tie for the putt putting, between Stacy and Eric which led to a vicious “putt off” with Eric emerging from the carnage victorious. Stay tuned for full coverage from the next TriAd event!