TriAd Marketing & Media Celebrates 44 Years!

TriAd Marketing & Media was originally founded in 1972 by Lee Ault, Ken Keller and Pat Reynolds with the original name of Tri’Advertising, Inc. The 3 founding partners had different reasons for agreeing on the name. Mr. Keller, who proposed the name, meant to imply “3 in advertising.” Mrs. Reynolds thought the name suggested harmony or blending of talents as a “triad” in music. Mr. Ault, whose vision shaped the early years of the company, felt the name embraced his concept of a “communications clinic”. His idea was that 3 independently owned (an advertising agency, a public relations practice and [...]

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In Tune with Ohio

We all know there is some interesting stuff out there on the World Wide Web, some not appropriate for discussion. Just this week, I stumbled upon a Web site that puts facts and data throughout the 88 Ohio counties in tune with the 88 piano keys. Think someone has too much time on their hands? Possibly … but I also think it is creative genius at work, and that is why I can appreciate it. As a creative team, TRIAD is always looking for fresh ideas and new ways to present corporate information. Sometimes the material to be presented involves [...]

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Sky Climber Intro’s Sky Master

Sky Climber, of Delaware Ohio, asked TRIAD to prepare a video introduction for their new Sky Master product. With a trade show fast approaching and only one prototype available, Bob Dawson, TRIAD’s Video Producer, spent a day shooting footage that could be translated into a solid introductory piece for the new product. The video and product debuted at the World Concrete Show in Las Vegas.

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