The 40th blog.

In the fruition of an idea that started the first week of 2012, our fearless and fun-loving team assembled 40 blogs in the 40 consecutive weeks leading up to TriAd’s 40th anniversary on October 1. And what a great anniversary!

First of all, I have to thank all of our clients. Without you we couldn’t do all that we love! We promise to continue offering our blood, sweat and tears on each project to keep these wonderful relationships going strong.

Next, I really want to share my profound thanks and admiration for every TriAd associate, each of whom keeps our mission moving forward. You guys created so much fun for this anniversary celebration! This series of blog posts highlighted a few clients, associates, projects, some ad tips and certainly several office parties. Thank you all for keeping it creative and fun!

Our 40 weeks topped off with an open house last Friday. We really appreciate the clients and vendor-partners that joined us to raise a glass in honor of our years together. In keeping with The Blogfather theme, we had the Don himself in attendance, some Italian food and plenty of cannoli!

Because we’ve had such great feedback about our weekly blog posts, we have decided to continue them. In the next several months you will be sure to see creative projects in play, some marketing and media thoughts, and an occasional letter from me. Oh yeah, maybe some visits to the TriAd Video archives too!

Thank you for your interest, please keep reading – and here’s to another 40 years!


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