Full Coverage from the 2016 Chili Bowl

Another amazing TriAd Chili Bowl has come to pass! This year, we celebrated the 6th annual with a focus on chili and BEER. Seven teams of 2 created their best tasting chili with a cold brewski as the showcase ingredient! Judge Mike Todd abused his innards by sampling all seven delicacies, and ultimately chose Team ‘Dolls with Balls’ (Teresa Keller and Crystal Vance’s) creation as the culinary victor.

But the contest did not end there… Horrifying hallway bowling with a lopsided ball and children’s pins commenced, with Eric Brown (from Team ‘Buht Burners’) nabbing the only STRIKE of the day (THIRD in Chili Bowl History!). However, it was ‘The IncrediBOWLS’ Elliott Benzle and Dave Keller who took the day with their staggering high score of 77. Combined with their low chili score of 85, they still found themselves as grand champs and temporarily enshrined in the ‘golden seat’.

Check out the pictures below from our exciting day, as well as each team’s amazing recipe! Until next time, bowlers…

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