2017 Brand New Conference


Last week, our associate, Rowan Kempf, drove 320 miles to Chicago, Illinois to attend the 2017 Brand New Conference, a two-day event regarding corporate and brand identity. The largest event of its kind, the conference attracted 1,000+ identity design devotees from across the world. Rowan had the fortune to listen to 20 design leaders as they shared their backgrounds, work experiences, and personal lessons accumulated over the course of their careers. Below, he briefly reflects on the conference and its content.

As a web developer, what could I possibly learn from this event to implement in my area of specialization? To some, corporate and brand identity may seem far removed from web development; however, I believe that an identity-thinking approach is relevant not only to my specialization but also to most every profession. Among other topics, the conference speakers described methodologies like “budget your mistakes and minimize risks” or “stick to your priorities.” In the context of corporate and brand identity design, a set of principles like these can help to strip away unnecessary or misleading design choices that would obfuscate an identity; likewise, any similar set of principles could be an effective guide for web developers, like me, and professionals like you.

Here at TriAd Marketing & Media, our team has its own set of principles. We are client-focused and forward-thinking, we value accountability, we believe in service excellence, and we are passionate in all that we do. The success of a team relies on its ability for individuals to collectively align themselves with values like these. They provide meaningful direction, a purpose. Having attended the Brand New Conference, I am inspired to develop a personal set of principles that guide my decisions to be the best that I can be, and I encourage you to do the same!

Photo Credit: UnderConsideration 

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