3 Steps to Accessing the 3-Pack: Google My Business and You

marketing near meRecently, Google has implemented a change in the layout design of its search results. Previously when a user searched for services, Google would display a 7-pack of local business listings. Now that group has been reduced to a pack of 3. What does that mean for your business and being seen in Google’s search results? Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complex and your listing’s performance relies on many variables; however, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your business is more likely to appear in the featured 3-pack on Google.

1. First, you will want to claim your Google My Business listing. By claiming your listing, you are taking ownership of your company’s visibility on Google. Make sure to complete your listing’s profile with as much relevant information as you can. Set your listing categories to keywords that potential clients may use when searching for specific services on Google and add a local phone number and website that clients can use to contact you.

2. Next, make certain that your business listing remains consistent across all online platforms, including your website. For example, if your business’s name is “Bluegrass Lawn Services, Inc.,” then your Google My Business listing, website, social media profiles, and other citations should all read “Bluegrass Lawn Services, Inc.” – not “Bluegrass Lawn Services” or “Bluegrass Lawn Services Columbus.” The same method should be applied to your address and phone number as well; consistency is key.

3. Finally, you should create a reliable system for collecting actual client reviews, ideally good ones. The more positive reviews your business receives from real people, the higher your business listing will appear in Google’s search results – and you will increase the probability of your business accessing the 3-pack.

These 3 steps are fundamental in optimizing your Google My Business listing. If you would like to learn more about Google My Business and search engine optimization, please visit https://triad-inc.com/ or call us at 800-28-TRIAD!

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