5 Great WordPress Sliders

When you go to a website what’s the first thing you see? If that website has an animated slider (or slideshow) on their homepage, the answer to that question more often than not will be the slider. Sliders are a great way to highlight content, publicize important news, share cool photos and videos, or showoff new products and services in a way that immediately grabs the user’s attention.

There are a wide variety of slider plugins available on WordPress, both free and premium. Finding the slider that fits your sites needs best can take some time and research. Most sliders (especially the premium ones) do offer demos, so start your test drive today. The following sliders are a good place to start.

Slider PRO

Customization is one of the big features for Slider PRO. On top of being a fully responsive slider, it offers over one hundred and fifty customizable properties and over one hundred possible transition effects. It can display images, Flickr photos and can easily add YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos. It has the ability to add multiple text layers to slides, all of which can have their own animated transition.

Slider PRO also has built-in Lightbox support, which allows users to view larger images or play videos by clicking on a slide.

Cost: $28

More information on Slider PRO

Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2 is one of the top rated free sliders available right now. It’s an easy-to-use, jQuery powered slider that supports images and videos. It has the ability to import images from NextGEN Gallery (a popular gallery plugin). It also supports random slide order and comes with a widget to display your slider easily in widget areas.

Cost: Free

More information on Cyclone Slider 2

Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider

The major cool factor for Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider is exactly what the name suggests, it allows you to zoom into slide while it’s being displayed. Creating a stunning effect for the viewer. It is a mobile optimized slider that works well with photos as well as YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Cost: $20

More information on Responsive Zoom In/Out Slider


EasyRotator is a handy, easy-to-use, responsive jQuery based slider. It includes over 45 flexible slide templates that you can use to create sliders of recent or featured posts. It also has built-in touchscreen and mobile support.

Cost: Free

More information on EasyRotator

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is the best-selling slider plugin on CodeCanyon. It is a multi-lingual ready, mobile optimized slider that can produce slides from your posts, images and videos. It offers a huge amount of options on how navigation, captions, and transitions are displayed. It also includes various loop animation options for your captions.

Cost: $18

More information on Slider Revolution

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