8th Annual Chili Bowl

TriAd Marketing & Media’s 8th Annual Chili Bowl took place last week. For the first time in Chili Bowl history there were … NO TEAMS. It was every Chili Chef and Bowler for themselves. This year, there were more than just bragging rights on the line. Both the winner with the best tasting chili and the bowler with the highest score received $25 Amazon Gift Cards. The winners of each category were:

Bowler with the highest score: Jerry Marks

Award-Winning Chili Chef: Eric Brown

The TriAd bowlers REALLY stepped up their game this year. In the 8 years of Chili Bowl history, there has never been a strike. This year, we had four! Jerry, the victorious bowler had two strikes, Bob Dawson had one and Eric Brown had one as well. Jerry had a historically high score of 87 and Mike Shaw brought up the rear with a 25.

As for the chili, our famous Judge, Mike Todd was present to sample all of the six different chilis. The following associates competed in this portion of the competition:

  • Stacy Smith
  • Lexi Harmon
  • Crystal Vance
  • Eric Brown
  • Bob Dawson
  • Elliott Benzle

There was no rules or guidelines in regards to chili ingredients this year. Bob incorporate various pizza ingredients into his, Eric used steak as the meat, Stacy’s had a healthy spin to it, Lexi used her grandma’s famous recipe, Elliott went the soup route and Crystal used salsa in hers to give it a kick!

The Chili Bowl never fails to be one of our associates favorite days of the year. It is a wonderful opportunity to show off our cooking and mini bowling skills (or lack thereof). A huge thank to our Chili Bowl Commissioner, Bob Dawson and our judge, Mike Todd. Thank you to everyone for bring in their delicious chili recipes to share with the office! Check out some awesome pictures below!

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