A logistics-themed game show? Introducing Supply Chain Squares

TriAd recently had the pleasure of working with Triple T Transport to bring the dream of a logistics-based game show to reality! With a full cast of logistics industry experts at Triple T’s disposal, they wanted to create an atmosphere of fun and comradery in an otherwise stressful market. As their podcast, Stay In Your Lane, has kicked off to great success on professional social media platforms, they wanted to bring some humor into the channel. The podcast tends to focus on serious real-talk issues occurring in the logistics industry, so the idea of a game show was a great way to add some levity and provide an avenue of competition and light-hearted fun.

So, Supply Chain Squares was born! The show features friendly competition in a format that some die-hard game show fans will find familiar. Nine guests fill out panels in a large a tic-tac-toe board for two contestants to compete on. The guests are presented a series of questions, which they either try to answer correctly, or try to trick the contestants into an incorrect guess! Whoever wins the game of Tic-Tac-Toe is crowned champion of that week, but the real entertainment value is in the jokes and wisecracks made by guests throughout the competition.

The show is hosted by John Mahle, a top industry professional at Triple T Transport. As a third-party-logistics specialist, Mahle knows all the major players in the industry. He even comes costumed as a classic gameshow host, with the sports jacket, suspicious hairpiece, and a teasing attitude that gameshow lovers would expect in their vintage favorites.

Supply Chain Squares will release new episodes monthly, with a variety of  industry experts and contestants. There are even some holiday specials in the works to help logistics specialists celebrate their busiest time of year!

Watch new episodes of the Supply Chain Squares on the Stay In Your Lane podcast channel, and be sure to subscribe to keep up to date on all things logistics!

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