Putt Wars 2012

A not-so-long time ago, at an agency not-so far away … was a battle. However, this was not fought with X-wings, TIE Fighters, clone armies or Death Stars; but rather with small white balls, colorful putters and creative minds. As it has become known across the galaxy, this was the first annual TriAd PUTT WARS. Granted by the Galactic Empire, each member of the TriAd staff was given one hour to assemble their putt-putt hole as simple or complex as they chose. PVC pipe, dumbbells, water hazards, a giant AP Stylebook, plexiglass, Bob-roaches, reused magazines, old VHS tapes and a lot of cardboard made up the PUTT WARS battlefield.

What ensued was beyond anything that could be conceived of at Skywalker Ranch. Fueled by a variety of beers and Schmidt’s Sausage Haus brats that would make Yoda himself turn to the dark side, the PUTT WARS waged throughout the TriAd office. When the dust had settled, two victors emerged from the rubble, Dave “Darth” Keller, not utilizing the Jedi mind trick, won for best designed hole; and Bob Dawson, who we assume didn’t use the Force, triumphed with his mastery of putt-putting.

Regardless of siding with either the Empire or the Rebellion, freedom was restored to the galaxy and fun was had by all. Click the photos below see the action and be sure to visit our Facebook page for more photos.

May the course be with you.

Putt Wars Champion Bob Dawson accepts his reward

Dave Keller wins the award for “Best Hole”

The “Toilet Hole” by Mike Dubs was a doozy.

Putting on the green.

Eric dons his Sunday best.

Over the water, through the tunnel.

All hail the Imperial Scorecard.

Fear the dark side of the putting green!

A hush draws over the crowd…

Apparently laser discs can still be used for something.

May the course be with you.

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