Achieve Your Goals Through E-mail Marketing

Along with social media and digital advertising, e-mail marketing is a cornerstone of any effective online marketing strategy. Cost-effective and easy to implement, e-mail campaigns are a great value when it comes to sharing your brand’s message with a wide audience.

With the rise of so many new digital communication platforms, is e-mail still an effective way for brands to promote their goods and services online? According to the research company Satista, a whopping 4 billion e-mail users were active in 2020, with that figure expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. Though nearly as old as the web itself, e-mail is more popular than ever.

Ready to capture a chunk of that 4-billion-strong user base to help reach your marketing goals? Here are a few reasons why e-mail campaigns remain a powerful tool in 2022 and beyond.

Send on Your Schedule

Unlike social media which requires steady, frequent input to garner attention online, e-mail campaigns offer the flexibility to launch as frequently or infrequently as you want. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, a notice about an upcoming sale, or any other material you deem relevant for your audience, e-mails are standalone tools that grab attention without turning into a drain on your valuable time.

Learn From Audience Habits

E-mail campaigns remain a powerful tool for sharing your brand’s message.

Most e-mail marketing platforms give you the power to gain valuable insights from your audience. From how many recipients opened your e-mail, to how many of those clicked links contained within it, these metrics offer immediate feedback into what aspects of your strategy are working and which could use some work. The more e-mails you send, the greater pool of data you can draw from to help refine your message and convert your marketing efforts into results.

Personalized Messaging

More than almost any other platform, e-mail allows you to tailor your message to a specific audience. Thanks to the detailed information you’ll glean from recipients’ habits, you can begin to break your audience up into separate lists according to what content they find most appealing. Best of all, there’s almost no limit to the segmentation that targeted lists provide. Notice that some users engage with your e-mails more on a certain day of the week? Others open newsletters but nothing else? Targeted subscriber lists with personalized content meet people where they are, creating a sense of  genuine, organic connection.

Strong Return on Investment

According to research from Campaign Monitor, e-mail marketing can yield returns of up to $44 dollars for every dollar spent on a campaign. Promotional emails also tend toward a higher conversion rate (66%) compared to marketing activities like social media campaigns or direct mail. What’s the secret to e-mail marketing’s superior return on investment? As outlined above, the personalized, targeted nature of e-mail gives you the power to reach potential customers who are more likely to engage with your message. E-mail’s unrivaled audience refinement helps make the most of every marketing dollar.

Ready to see what a powerful e-mail campaign can do for your brand? TriAd’s expertly-crafted marketing campaigns have helped our clients achieve results. Contact us today to get started.

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