Animal Krackers!

TRIAD graphic designers Eric Brown and Danielle Neil love all things cute, funny and cuddly.  So they make weekly visits to Cute Overload and YouTube in search of a good laugh.  And because we can all use a dose of the cute and cuddly, they’ve compiled their Top 5 (for this week anyway) Funniest Animal Videos.  Have a look at their faves…and take a moment for a good laugh!

5.  This pup isn’t so sure about this escalator business.

4.  Possibly the cutest kitty anyone has ever seen and maybe the best mimic as well!

3.  This little fellow makes sure to get a leg (or two) up at a very important moment of the day.

2.  This poor cat makes the strangest noises while he’s getting groomed.  There are really no words to describe this!  Ya gotta listen!

1.  Eric & Danielle’s favorite – the Pug that says “Batman”.  Even better, someone decided to add the Pug to the old Batman theme song!  Enjoy!

We’ll definitely ask E. & D. to revisit their Top 5 in the future.  Stay tuned!

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